2 thoughts on “Wiring BJDs

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Missy,
    I have questions. What gauge is the wire? Is the wire coated? Do you cover the cut ends of the wire? Will the wire extend the life of the elastic strings or does friction cause loss of elasticity and more frequent restringing?
    That’s all.


    • missysimaginings says:

      Hi, Lisa! I love your questions. 1. I don’t know the gauge. It’s just a thicker, yet bendable colored florist wire I found at Dollar Tree. It doesn’t seem coated as in coated with plastic like some hangers, yet it is covered with a coloring. 2. When I bring the ends together, I do tape/cover them with medical tape. 3. As I have only wired my dolls for a couple years now, they are all still quite young. I have no idea of the wire-to-elastic life ratio. I haven’t noticed any added friction between wire & elastic, but then again, my dolls aren’t really into gymnastics to generate that kind of extensive wear. I’ve only ever restrung new or new-to-me dolls that were floppy when they arrived. Sorry I’m not more helpful!


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