Ready To Print

Greetings, Internet-Land! I have been working on a project to make my patterns, paper dolls, and coloring crafts more accessible & easier to print. On this page you will find all the collections in a pdf format. The patterns are in collection files, so you only have one download for a complete pattern. The paper doll sets will be periodically updated, as I am always adding more clothing designs. You will still be able to see and access new paper doll designs on the “Free Stuff” page, though it will be an image file. Now just select what you like, then simply download & print! Have fun!


SPECIAL THROUGH NOVEMBER!  Lacey Light Gown & Corset Pattern – SPECIAL EDITION for BJD SD, MSD, & Evangeline

Male BJD SD 70cm VEST

BJD SD Flower Skirt Pattern

Evangeline Flower Skirt Pattern

BJD SD Male Hightops Pattern

BJD SD Male Boot Pattern

Pattern – BJD SD Ninja Pants Tank Top

Resinsoul 60cm Girl BASIC Pattern Set

Dolly Stockings

Pattern – Male BJD SD 70cm PANTS

BJD 70cm Male Shirt Pattern

Pattern – Male BJD SD 70cm Basic Pieces

Doll Wig Patterns

Ellowyne BJD MSD Sweater Set

MiniFee Lace Overlay Dress Pattern

BJD SD – Mod Outfit Pattern

Pattern – BJD MSD MiniFee Basic

Pattern – BJD MSD JID Basic Pieces

BJD Tulip Sleeve Dress Pattern

BJD 58cm Female Basic Pattern Pieces

American Model – Basic Pattern Set

American Model – Fall Fancy Pattern

Annora – Basic Pattern Set

Annora – Fall Fancy Pattern

Annora – Orient Christmas Pattern

BJD 50cm Slim – Hydrangea Blossom Gown Pattern

BJD 65cm Male – Basic Pattern Set

Evangeline – Basic Pattern Set

Evangeline – Basic Sheath Pattern

Evangeline – Christmas Splendor Pattern

Evangeline – Daylight Shimmer Pattern

Evangeline – Soft Whispers Pattern

Matt – Shirt Pattern

Mortimer – Pants Pattern

Mortimer T-Shirt Pattern

Tyler – Gown Coat Pattern


Jeri Paper Doll

Mae Paper Doll Set

Lavender – Nanette Paper Doll Collection

El BJD Paper Doll Collection

Maggie Paper Doll Collection

A Forest Walk – Fairy Paper Doll – Joyous Faye Collection

A Forest Walk – Fairy Paper Doll – Abigail Collection


Christmas Tree Set

Gingerbread Kids

Halloween Scarecrow Scene

Happy Autumn

Indian Boy – Girl Set

Pilgrim Bears

Pilgrim Boy – Girl Set

Singing Turkey

Snow Man – Lady Set