Family Time

Good Sunday, Internet~Land. I’m so happy to say that we are going to be enjoying some time off for a family vacation! My daughter and I work at the same place, but in completely different departments. When looking at the calendars for both of our areas, BOTH of us were actually able to get the exact same week off for our vacation time! Over the next week, I will be working on some new patterns, wigs, and perhaps some new paper doll selections (since I haven’t done any for AGES!) However, I didn’t want to just leave my internet friends without a fun “see ya later!” So ~ I have a short video to show my latest project (finished just in time for this vacation), as well as a new pattern. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in a week or two!

BJD SD Wedding Gown

BJD SD Wedding Gown


A Little Black Dress

So, Internet~Land, today we’re putting together a fashion classic ~ the little black dress for an SD BJD. I posted the pattern last week, so you can find it by scrolling down to the previous post or by looking at the photo on my “Free Stuff” page. If you decide to give it a try, just go to the “Ready To Print” page to download the free PDF file. I had fun sewing the new pattern today, and it turned out just as I envisioned it in my head. I’m quite happy that it was easy to put together and fits my doll well. Hopefully it will be a new staple addition to your doll’s wardrobe as well. Enjoy & happy sewing!

Hello Again!

Pleasant greetings to all my friends in Internet~Land! I hope you are well and happy this fine August evening. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are coming into the hotter part of our summer. It’s still bearable with a fan in the window, so I have not had to insert the air conditioner unit yet. We’re fortunate to enjoy the Pacific Coast breeze in the evenings, so it cools down our house and makes the nights more comfortable. Though I really miss having my summers at home (as I used to when I was teaching), I’m still enjoying the nice weather and looking forward to an up-coming camping trip with family.

To prepare for some time away from the internet, I’m working on some new patterns for you. Today I have a fun pattern for making doll clothing hangers as well as a sewing pattern for an SD size BJD “Little Black Dress.” I hope you will find these two projects inspiring and fun. I will post the photo views of the patterns after the video link. Enjoy!

Doll Hanger Pattern

BJD SD Little Black Dress