Let’s Try Sewing Some Pants

Hello, Dear Internet~Land! As I prepare my hand to get back into the work zone, I thought we could put together one of my recent patterns. This video will show how to sew the pieces as they are presented in the pattern set (linked in a previous post as well as on the MSD Pattern Page found in the above MENU). I will also show how you might want to alter them slightly to use a continuous one piece waistband as well as how to fit the pants to your particular doll. Hope the video is fun and helpful!


BJD Clothing Review & Intro to Crew

Hello, hello! As I’m working on getting my hand back into shape, I decided to go over a few doll clothing items that I have picked up here and there, rather than sewing myself. We can take a look at what kinds of details I look for when judging quality and deciding if something is a good deal to me. I also realized that I’ve never really introduced my BJD collection in it’s entirety. So, if these sound like some fun chat topics, grab yourself a snack and a comfy spot, and we’ll get started!

Getting My Hand Moving Again

Greetings, Internet~Land! I hope you are having an awesome morning, day, or evening. Things are improving slowly but surely with my hand. I am currently in the midst of Physical Therapy treatments, so hopefully I’ll continue to make progress in swelling/pain reduction and an increase in range of motion/strength. I have different exercises and am encouraged to use my hand as pain management allows. I can do a little at a time, but at present extended use causes the swelling and pain to jump back up again. When that happens, it’s back to compression and icing. For one of my small activities, I spent a little time manipulating a paintbrush to work on some faceups for my MiroDoll 70cm Iris triplets. Enjoy!