Finishing Up the Doll Trunk

Hello, hello, Internet~Land. It’s taken a while, but the 9x10x20 Doll Trunk Kit is now assembled and customized. It was an interesting process, but I am ok with how the finished product turned out. I was also able to find a Made-To-Move Barbie in the regular body style on sale the other day, so will soon be posting a Basic Pattern Set for her. Today I have the video ready for finishing up the doll trunk. Enjoy & I’ll check in again soon!


A Mid-Week “Hello!”

I hope you are all doing well out there in Internet~Land! It has been an unusual week for me thus far, with a rough start. My back decided to lock up, so I spent all day Monday & most of Tuesday lying down. Finally, Tuesday late afternoon, I was able to move around a bit. I decided to get a little bit of productivity done while resting on my big, soft chair. My efforts were rewarded with a couple new outfits for the Ella Flex articulated BJD Paper Doll. I have updated the PDF file to include the new additions. Hope you enjoy!

Ella Flex

It’s Doll Case/Trunk Time

Good morning, Internet~Land! Since January is now passed, it’s time to decide how to store all those wonderful dolly Christmas purchases that have been piled up on my work table! I’ve just finished a video assembling a Vintage DIY Doll Case/Trunk Kit. It turned out pretty cute, and I have plans to customize it in another video. Today’s post is to show how the case went together, it’s measurements, and things I noticed about quality concerns since we are dealing with Vintage aged cardboard. I have mapped out the dimensions, so you know what to expect if you buy this kit or if you decide to cut your own. I will post a picture of the measurements below the video link, or you can print them out to keep for reference by clicking on the PDF. I hope this info will be helpful to inspire your dolly creativity!

9x20x10 Doll Case Layout

9x20x10 Doll Case