My “Grail” and a New Basic Pattern Set for Her!

Welcome, my dear Internet~Land! I have missed posting, though I was also in need of the break. We suddenly lost my dad early in September after losing my brother-in-law five months earlier to the day. It was very difficult, and it has taken a while to adjust. I have still posted a few projects, because making them gave me something to do with my hands and mind. Then, we have had a crazy turn of events at work resulting in a tremendous amount of overtime. I am very thankful to still be working, but also very tired after some 50+ hour weeks. The combo of events led to my decision to go ahead and purchase my new Angell Studio HuaRong! She is absolutely stunning! If you enjoy watching box openings, click on the video below for the Welcome of my new favorite BJD. The Basic Pattern Set for her is linked below the video, and will show on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages as well for easy access. Lots of love to you all and happy sewing!

SNIPPET ~ Tip for Fitting Male BJD Pants Patterns

Hello, Internet~Land. In several facebook groups, I have noticed some comments and questions of late dealing with how to fit the front of BJD male pants. I put together a quick Snippet video to show a helpful hint that can be used with any of your fellas. Using this method provides a quick way to have an accurate fit that is precise to your own doll’s sculpt/body style.

To access any of my FREE patterns, just use the menu above to navigate to the Free Stuff Page. There you will be able to see images of all the items that are available. Once you’ve decided which patterns you’d like, use the menu again to go to the Ready To Print Page. All the free PDF files are listed there, ready for you to click on them to save or print. Enjoy!

SNIPPET ~ Sewing the Zig-Zag Front

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! This weekend, I’m trying something new. I started a new series as titled above. I won’t be making all of these right in a row, but I might make a couple here and there between other content. I thought this might be a fun way to answer questions, so everyone could benefit from the answers. The first in the series is a video showing how to sew this cute little zig-zag pattern. I hope you all find this helpful! Enjoy!

Finishing Up MSD Month … even though it’s a little late

Greetings, Internet~Land! I know we’ve already entered into August, but I wanted to finish up our MSD projects with this last pattern set. This design idea was found and shared in one of my facebook groups. It is really cute, but we didn’t know where to find it. I thought it would be fun to draft a pattern for it, so we could make it ourselves! I hope you find it helpful and that it can also be used to alter into some of your own unique designs!

Back to Work in MSD Month

Greetings, my Internet~Land friends! We had a shuffling of the schedule at work due to some new construction. Today is the last day before heading back to the job. With the change in work days, I know next weekend will be a short one, so I decided to post this new pattern set a little early. It’s a cute pajama set with two types of top options ~ a button-up and a pull-over. The pattern was originally designed for the Tonner / Wilde Imagination Evangeline, but will work for most MSD size BJDs, since it has a pretty loose fit. You will only need to adjust the length on the pant-legs (and possibly the sleeves) to match the size of your own doll. Evangeline is 18.25 inches tall, and most of the height is in her lanky legs. You can check out the end of my “Sewing MSD Puff Sleeve Dress” video on YouTube (linked in the previous post) to see a small fashion show comparing the fit of the dress on several doll body types, including Evangeline. Wishing you lots of sewing fun and creativity!

BJD MSD Month Continues!

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope this post finds you safe, well, and happy. To stay in tune with our MSD theme, I have a new pattern set and a new sewing video. This pattern is designed for the 17″ (43cm) Tonner Matt body style, and may fit other similar sized MSD BJDs. It contains pieces for a T-shirt, hoodie, and sweat pants. The Hoodie can be sewn as either a jacket or pull-over.

The new video is how to sew the MSD Puff Sleeve Dress pattern (linked in a previous post as well as on my Ready To Print page). It shows pretty much all of the sewing, so you can follow every step! The sweatsuit picture, PDF file, and new video are all linked below. Enjoy!

A Little MiroDoll Basic Set

Happy Saturday, Internet~Land! Today we have a new Basic Pattern Set as well as a quick updated look at how to make one. This video has less “chit~chat” and “more action.” (hee hee hee) We are adding this 1/4 scale mature female body style to the collection of MSD Patterns. Be sure not to confuse this style with Miro’s other 1/4 scale female body which is a more youthful style. I think this one has a much slimmer waist and more of an hour-glass shape. Hoping this will be helpful and wishing you lots of fun in all your dolly ventures!

I Think July 2020 Is BJD MSD Month!

Greetings to all my friends in Internet~Land! Lately, I have had several requests regarding MSD size BJDs. I must confess, I don’t design or sew much for this size, as I am more partial to the larger SD size dolls. Most of my 1/4 scale projects have been for the Tonner 16″ fashion doll bodies. Fortunately, many of these clothing items have been able to transition to the BJDs pretty easily. After taking a look at the thickness of my SD files in comparison to the MSD files, I thought this could be a fun project for the month of July. So, buckle-up all you MSD lovers ~ FUN is coming your way! To start off the list, we will begin with this cute little Puff Sleeve Dress designed for the ever-so-fabulous Minifees! If you have a different style doll, just be sure to check measurements at the shoulder width, bust, and waist to make any needed adjustments. The lace overlay pieces are, of course, entirely optionable, but I thought they could add a more fancy look to the design. As always, stay healthy, safe, and happy sewing!