The New Kimono and Drafting a New Coat

Hello, my Internet~Land friends! I’ve had some fun sewing the kimono pattern for my Hua Rong by Angell Studio! I am so happy with how the set turned out, and thought I’d share some of the pattern details with you. In this video (linked below) I mention some previous tutorials, and I’ve linked those two other videos in the description of this one in case you’d like to see the actual sewing steps for the kimono and gown. The actual project in the video is drafting a pattern of a cute little coat set for the Tonner/Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Wilde. I’m adding the link for this new set below the video. Here’s wishing you a wonderful week of creativity!

Two New Basic Patterns for Tonner Fellas

Greetings & salutations, Internet~Land! Here’s sending love, prayers, and good karma for your week to improve continually. In the midst of all the craziness in the world, I would never be foolish enough to think everyone is doing great, or can begin doing so with just a word, but I do believe that good words can mean a lot and can give encouragement to keep on keepin’ on! So, in the spirit of making things better a little bit at a time, I have TWO new Basic Pattern Sets for you. A lovely member of our happy internet community was asking me about patterns for the Iplehouse FID male BJDs. As I don’t have any of those fellas, I took a look at who I do have, and those are three of the Tonner/Wilde Imagination male body types. I have the Matt body, the Peter/Mortimer body, and the Super Hero body. I have put together a stats chart so you can compare the sizes of these to any guys you might have and see if they might be similar. I already have several patterns posted for Matt, but not the other two, so today we’re changing that.

I will link info for you in the following order: 1st ~ the size/measurements comparison chart; 2nd ~ the new video link; 3rd ~ the PDF links to the two new patterns; 4th ~ the images of the new pattern sets, so you can see the pieces included. And there you go! I hope you can find some joy and a bit of relaxation this week. Happy creating!

Happy New Year, 2021!

Ahhh ~ well, Internet~Land, I think I’m ready for a new start. Once in a while there comes a year that just needs to end. Though I will admit that 2020 had good points and some happy times, it was sometimes a tough balancing act to look for the good amidst the difficult. We had so many blessings, but often they were in the center of some very stressful uncertainties. Still, the Lord is good, and His mercies are new every morning ~ and every new year. I’m ready, I’m determined, and I’m grateful. Thank you to all of you who have settled in here at missysimaginings. I’m so happy to have you along as we begin a new chapter. To kick off the new year, I have a sewing video posted and live to put together Gifts #9 and #10 from the previous “12 Gifts of Christmas.” Since these gifts were posted as both an SD (1/3 scale) and MSD (1/4 scale), the video tutorial will work for sewing both sizes. Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #12

Well, Internet~Land, I know this is a couple days late, but it’s still December, so I’m quite satisfied with my efforts. To finish off our event, I wanted to go out “in style.” I thought, “I haven’t designed anything for my 70cm Resinsoul Long in quite a while,” so this gift will be one for the tall fellas! I had an idea in my head, and just to be up front, I make no claim to historical accuracy. It’s just one of those things that jumbles around in my brain until I literally draw it out! The set includes a turtleneck top that can close in the back with a snap, so you don’t have to remove a head to get it on the doll; a triple front pleated pair of wide leg trousers with real front pockets; a VERY long overcoat with darted front shoulders and a yoked & split back; and an optional Tartan drape that (in my opinion) makes the entire look. The sketches also show the opposite sleeve of the coat sewn in the same Tartan plaid as the drape, but that is, of course, entirely up to your own preference. I think this look could also be very appealing if done in some fantasy colors & fabrics. In any event, that will wrap up our annual “12 Gifts of Christmas 2020” with lots of love and warm wishes for a much needed, wonderful New Year! Take care!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #11

Hello, all in Internet~Land! Two posts in one day ~ I know, it’s crazy. heeheehee! While getting the Shirt Dress Set sized and ready for you, I was going to compare the pieces to my Ellowyne Basic Pattern Set, only to discover I NEVER made one! How did I manage to miss her? I guess it’s just because I really don’t sew for her that much. Plus, the market seems to have sooooo many clothes and patterns already available for her. Still, some of you may have wished for a Basic Set that comes directly from this doll, as she has a pretty unique figure. I don’t think I’ve even seen a BJD that’s super close to her bust-waist-hips ratio. So, without further ado, here is the brand new pattern set! I know we’re still one gift short, but I will have it ready before the end of the year. In the meantime ~ Happy Christmas!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #10

Happy Christmas Eve, Internet~Land! Here is the next surprise. I went ahead and scaled down the Shirt Dress Pattern Set 75% to fit Ellowyne and other MSD BJDs. Since I have so many SD (1/3) BJDs, Ellowyne and the smaller gals often get overlooked. I thought many might like to have this set for that size as well. I compared the smaller scale measurements to the actual dimensions of an Ellowyne (by Tonner’s Wilde Imagination), and I think it will work just fine. There may be a little extra room in the waist & bust, but shouldn’t be too bad. You may also want to shorten the length of the sleeves & the leggings, but I left them long, because there’s a chance the set could also work for Evangeline! I should also have the next gift ready later today, so will “see” you again soon!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #9

Happy Holidays, Internet~Land! We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, so here is our next surprise! This is a new third scale BJD pattern set inspired by the previous paper doll post. It’s a Shirt Dress & Leggings set for my HuaRong SD BJD. She has a lovely, curvy figure, so this set should work for other dolls with a similar shape. I tried not to make it fit too tightly, so it could fit a wider variety of dolls. I’d make the leggings out of a stretch knit with an elastic waist. You can also add a decorative belt or sash if you wish. If you’re just now coming to the Blog, be sure to scroll down through the posts for all the previous goodies! Enjoy & happy sewing!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #8

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! I hope this month is treating you well. I always love December and the whole Christmas season, but I know this year is quite different. Many will not be able to enjoy the “normal traditions” of the holidays with lots of parties and large gatherings of family and friends. I hope these little surprises throughout the month will lift your spirits, even if just a bit. They may not be very extravagant, but they carry lots of love all the same!

Today’s gift is for all you paper doll lovers! This post includes two new outfits for the Ella Flex Articulated BJD Paper Doll. The PDF link is an updated file that includes the doll and ALL her outfits (including the two new ones shown below). They are ready to print, color, cut out, and assemble! I also posted a video on YouTube that shows how I put her together, so I’ll link it below the clothing image. Enjoy!

12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #6

Hello, Internet~Land! This gift is more for the youngsters. Maybe you have little ones; maybe you have grand children; maybe it can be used for Sunday School! This is a fun little Angel Girl who is all ready to be colored, cut out, and assembled to decorate a refrigerator or window. Never fear, the little boy will soon follow, but here’s the first to get you started.