Beginning of a Mystery

Hello, hello, Internet-Land! This week I was working on a project that I actually started YEARS ago. I have several stories that I have written and illustrated over the years as flannel graph/board stories to be used in Sunday School, Junior Church, Vacation Bible School, etc. Each is a series of at least four chapters, with each part ending in a fun “cliff-hanger” until the final resolution in the last chapter. They are meant to be spread out over several classes or sessions, such as each day of a VBS week. My project this week was to record my own reading of these stories, using all the illustrated pieces I have drawn to accompany the presentation. The first chapter of “The Light House Mystery” is now recorded, edited, and uploaded to You Tube. The whole “video thing” is very new to me, and I don’t have a fancy camera; still, it’s fun to launch into something new. I have the rest of the story all recorded, and now just need to edit each one and get them uploaded. I’m posting the link to the first chapter here on the blog.

If this is something you would like to use in your own ministry, there are a couple options. The first (both cheapest and easiest) is to simply play the videos for your class. If you would like to tell the stories yourself, pop over to my “Stuff to Buy” tab for details on purchasing the CD that contains all the story text and illustrations in pdf format. To use the pieces, print them out (in color or black & white), cut them out, then glue felt strips to the back of each piece. I prefer to print them onto card-stock weight paper, and then use a hot glue gun to adhere the felt. Enjoy!


Red Radiance

Good morning, Internet-Land ~ at least it’s still morning where I am. Maybe for some, I should say,”Good afternoon.” Well, it’s been a long process to get my hands back to where they should be. Over the course of Easter weekend, I had a major pain relapse. It was not much fun, that’s for sure. Called the doctor, and he took me off work a couple more weeks. Will hopefully start back again next week. I finally felt up to trying a few seams yesterday. Am happy to have Ada in her new ensemble with an alternate wig. Not a long post today, just glad to be moving towards productivity again! Wishing you all a great week!

New Friends to the Collection

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land! This week I have some happy news. Well, happy to me, anyways. First of all, I finally finished the repaint of my Gretel head that I bought for my 50cm Obitsu gal. It’s such a pretty sculpt. I had painted her a while back, but wasn’t totally happy with how it turned out. (Will post before & after shots.) I also have her original head, but am still deciding what I want there. For this faceup, I drew out a sketch, and then went to work. The only change from the sketch is her eye color, so will talk about that a little more further down. Here’s how she turned out!

In the sketch, I made her eyes red to follow the look of her hair. When I got the face all done, my daughter decided she needed the blue byakugan eyes (like in the Naruto anime), so we made the change. Her red eyes went to a new friend in the house, my lovely new Island Doll, Ada! I was so excited to win her second-hand in an auction at a wonderful price! The listing photos looked like there was a problem with her head, but I thought I could always re-string her myself if necessary. It turned out that the “C” hook just needed to be pulled up into place in the head notch! She’s PERFECT! She even came with her original wig. Her eyelashes were pointed down just like in her promo pictures, but because they are very thick, you couldn’t see her eyes. I decided to reattach them at a more pleasing angle. Here begins a funny story. I began removing her eyes, so I could work on the lashes, and found the putty to be reeeeeally sticky! Imagine my chagrin when on closer observance, I smelled MINT. It was CHEWING GUM!!! eeeeeesh!!! Fortunately, it was a very easy thing to clean up & disinfect. My hands, the old eyes, and the inside of her head were all cleaned with soap & then Lysol! Too funny! After I re-positioned the eyelashes, I put the red eyes in for a new look. Both her face and body are a lovely well balanced sculpt. I’m very tickled with her. Now I’m contemplating tax returns to order her same sculpt from Island Doll in BLUE resin!

I also had a fun discovery just today! When placing Ada on this doll stand, the slickness of the painted metal allowed her feet to slide around on it. As I was looking at it, I realized it looked like it might be about the same size as those jar-opener grippy pads. It’s a nearly perfect match and keeps her feet perfectly placed! You can find them at almost any store. I got these at The Dollar Tree in a set of three. I also have a new outfit for the Abigail Forest Walk doll. You can find the outfit from my facebook page post on the “Free Stuff” tab. Enjoy & have a fantastic weekend!

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Starry Glimmer

Happy Easter!

Hello, Internet-Land! OK ~ so my new experiment is up & ready … I think …

I added a page where items can be purchased. It’s just at the new tab, “Stuff to Buy.” We’ll see how it goes. But have no fear ~ my fun free stuff will still be a regular occurrence! And to continue the tradition ~ here is a BRAND NEW DOLL & OUTFIT! Yay! Abigail is a new addition to the Forest Walk Collection and is still formatted to 8.5×14 inch paper. Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday

Greetings, Internet-Land! I hope your week has been going well. I am excited for another whole weekend to enjoy. Today I have been working on a new project, but no spoilers! Don’t you just hate it when people do that? Why mention it at all then, am I right? Well, it’s because I’m an ornery human being! heeheehee! But I do have some new paper doll items for you! I’ve also been sketching out more Forest Walk looks. I’m contemplating making another new doll for this line. Along with my new project, I was wondering about something. I know some people do not really like maneuvering through computer stuff to download free things. Would it benefit anyone to put my freebie items on a CD that can be ordered for minimal cost ~ just to cover the CD itself & shipping? There would be no markup to make profit on the art work, but just enough to cover expenses. At this point in time, I would only mail out to U.S. addresses. You can let me know what you think by emailing me at:

Now on to the fun freebies for today! The items can be viewed on my “Free Stuff” tab and downloaded from the “Ready To Print” tab. Enjoy & have a wonderful Easter!

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Daisy Delight

I Survived!

Hey, Hey! ~ Internet-Land!

Yes! I was back at work last week, and I survived! It was really tough, though, and my hands were killing me by the end of the week. I was SUPER glad to have my whole weekend of three days to let them rest. I’m hoping this week will continue to get better.

I am also glad to already have fun stuff prepared for you! Where to start??? Last week I worked on new Maggie outfits and even recorded a short video showing the creation of her last dress. You can check it out by scrolling down to my previous blog post. Along with Maggie’s outfits, I drew some new Forest Walk Fairy sets. Now I just have to decide which items to post! It’s hard, because I’m rubbish at keeping surprise secrets. I’ll shop really early for birthdays or Christmas, then give the gifts early because I can’t stand it, then have to shop all over again! Tell you what ~ I’ll post another Maggie outfit here, and a new Forest Walk on facebook, but as your bonus, I’ll also post the new Forest Walk outfit on the “Free Stuff” tab here on the website.

Yesterday, I did have some fun with a new experiment. I put together a birthday gift rain slicker set for one of my little friends. Good thing I finished it & could give it to her on the same day! Wishing you a most awesome week!

New Endeavors

Good evening, Internet-Land! So ~ this is my last “surgery leave” post before going back to work! To make it memorable, I have embarked on a new venture ~ videos on You Tube! This process is TOTALLY NEW to me, so bear with me as I start with SIMPLE! This first video is drawing a new dress for Maggie. I will also post the finished dress below. Enjoy!

Maggie 22

April First ~ No Tricks ~ Only Treats!

Happy April Fool’s Day, Internet Land!

But today I have no “fooleys,” I only have fun! Since I will be going back to work on Monday (hands are doing great!), I have been working on all kinds of paper doll outfits for my world-wide-web friends. I have finished two more Maggie outfits, and I have also completed FOUR new Forest Walk outfits (as well as a bonus wing/wig set). For today’s treat, I will post one of these Fairy Paper Doll outfits here and one on my facebook page. The bonus for those who visit my website/bog is this ~ I am also going to add ALL the paper doll outfits from my facebook page to my “Free Stuff” tab here on the website! Ya! So, if you’re not really a “facebook” kinda person, you will still be able to grab all the paper doll fun I’ve posted over the last year. Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Sassy Surf