Beginning of a Mystery

Hello, hello, Internet-Land! This week I was working on a project that I actually started YEARS ago. I have several stories that I have written and illustrated over the years as flannel graph/board stories to be used in Sunday School, Junior Church, Vacation Bible School, etc. Each is a series of at least four chapters, with each part ending in a fun “cliff-hanger” until the final resolution in the last chapter. They are meant to be spread out over several classes or sessions, such as each day of a VBS week. My project this week was to record my own reading of these stories, using all the illustrated pieces I have drawn to accompany the presentation. The first chapter of “The Light House Mystery” is now recorded, edited, and uploaded to You Tube. The whole “video thing” is very new to me, and I don’t have a fancy camera; still, it’s fun to launch into something new. I have the rest of the story all recorded, and now just need to edit each one and get them uploaded. I’m posting the link to the first chapter here on the blog.

If this is something you would like to use in your own ministry, there are a couple options. The first (both cheapest and easiest) is to simply play the videos for your class. If you would like to tell the stories yourself, pop over to my “Stuff to Buy” tab for details on purchasing the CD that contains all the story text and illustrations in pdf format. To use the pieces, print them out (in color or black & white), cut them out, then glue felt strips to the back of each piece. I prefer to print them onto card-stock weight paper, and then use a hot glue gun to adhere the felt. Enjoy!


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