My “Grail” and a New Basic Pattern Set for Her!

Welcome, my dear Internet~Land! I have missed posting, though I was also in need of the break. We suddenly lost my dad early in September after losing my brother-in-law five months earlier to the day. It was very difficult, and it has taken a while to adjust. I have still posted a few projects, because making them gave me something to do with my hands and mind. Then, we have had a crazy turn of events at work resulting in a tremendous amount of overtime. I am very thankful to still be working, but also very tired after some 50+ hour weeks. The combo of events led to my decision to go ahead and purchase my new Angell Studio HuaRong! She is absolutely stunning! If you enjoy watching box openings, click on the video below for the Welcome of my new favorite BJD. The Basic Pattern Set for her is linked below the video, and will show on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages as well for easy access. Lots of love to you all and happy sewing!