A Moment To Celebrate!

Welcome, welcome, friends in Internet~Land! I’m so excited about this week’s post. We get to celebrate reaching 500 Subscribers on YouTube! As a “Thank You,” I have prepared a new pattern set just for this occasion. The set consists of a new coat design that is available in four different sizes. Hopefully, you will be able to use one (or a couple) to create your own unique look. (A photo of the pattern pages is posted below the video link.) Again ~ many thanks to all of you who visit here and on YouTube. You make our community what it is!

On a side note ~ I was going to share a link by another person on YouTube as additional information for you about wiring BJDs, but it looks like the creator has removed much of her BJD content from her channel. Hopefully, my video will still give enough info to be helpful.

500 Subs Coat Collection

500 Subscriber Set

The Dress To Go with the Jacket

Good evening, Internet~Land. I just wanted to post the sewing video for the dress & leggings that go with the little Bolero jacket we sewed last time. I had the filming done, so just needed to edit them together today. I’m pretty sick, so it’s just a quick post tonight for the tutorial. The pattern is free and can be found in the previous post or on the Ready To Print page. Enjoy & take care of yourselves!