Hello, Internet~Land
Thank you so much for stopping by the site and for watching my posts. I just wanted to update that I may be taking a little bit of a break. Sometimes, life just gets a bit complicated & energies need to be directed elsewhere for a while. We have a family member dealing with a pretty major heath thing, I went to the funeral for a friend this weekend, another friend has a very serious health issue, and two other friends also had to endure family losses. It’s been a little much, so I’m gonna take a short break from social media to process & renew. Be assured, I’ll be back again very soon!
Much love as always ~ missy 


A Slow Weekend

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land. I hope it’s a good day for you. I am happy to be home today enjoying the first day of my three-day weekend. I should be coming up with an extensive “to-do” list, but instead I’ve been leisurely cleaning, baking, and watching the newly released English version of Naruto Shippuden ~ the LONG awaited Final Battle! I have also been trying to decide on the subject of my next video. I have a couple directions I could go, but have not made a decision yet. In the meantime, I have a new pattern for the Tonner Matt body style. This set consists of a pair of cargo shorts and a baseball style T-shirt. I’ve actually sewed this pattern several times, so it shouldn’t have too many untried glitches. It may also work for those of you who have 1/4 scale MSD BJDs. I can’t say for certain, as I don’t have any that size myself. Anyways, it’s a fun pattern for a more casual spring/summer time look. OK ~ now back to my show & deciding on something else to cook!

Matt – TShirt & Cargo Shorts Pattern Set

Matt Cargo Shorts T-Shirt