Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Good evening, Internet-Land! I know the title is horrible grammar, but it matches my Vacation Bible School Play character. I play a crazy old lady bank robber from the wild west! I got the story done, so will post a couple pics of the characters for that, then helped with decorating, and then spent lots of time practicing for our play. Between all that, I finished the “Mountain Man” tunic/vest and puffy shirt. There’s never a dull moment around here! Have a great evening!


Moving Through the List!

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land! It’s been a while, and I’ve missed chatting with you! The last time I posted, I went through a list of projects I have on my plate. At present, I am happy to report that quite a few are finished, with more “in progress.” Our church has launched into our annual Vacation Bible School, and I’m glad to have all those projects finished and dispersed. I sewed up parts of a “mountain man” costume that consists of a puffy muslin shirt with a grommet & lace-up neckline, as well as a leather-look tunic-vest edged in fake fur. Then I had to come up with my own costume as “Mean Marge.” With the costumes done, we had our first act tonight, and we will add a new performance each night through to the finale on Thursday. I also wrote up a five chapter story and got all the characters illustrated for the Story Time session each night. That will soon be coming to my “Stuff to Buy” Tab, and will be available as a PDF File by email or on CD.

As far as my dolly ventures, I secured a table at the Resin Rose BJD Event in Clackamas, OR, August 11-13, 2017. It will be at the Monarch Hotel. I will host my booth on Saturday and Sunday when the Sales Room is open. I usually also attend the Cross Roads Doll Show, but am not sure if I’ll go to that one, as it is the very next weekend. To prepare, I need to finish up some sewing projects that are already cut, as well as work on a new experiment ~ no spoilers yet!

Well, I know it may not sound all that exciting, but at least I’m still moving forward. I just wanted to pop in and say, “Hello!” To sign off, I will leave you with a new gown for Abigail. Her facebook dress will be added to the “Free Stuff” Tab, so you can hop over there if you like. Stay cool, and have a marvelous week!

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Lacey Light