A New Basic Dress for Resinsoul Mi

Good evening (and I mean a really LATE evening ~ for me, it’s 11:30pm), Internet~Land! I hope this finds you remaining safe and healthy. If you are experiencing this new viral outbreak first hand, I send love and prayers for your healing of body, mind, and spirit. For those who are still trying to avoid the Corona contagion, my prayers are for your efforts to be successful. Here in the US, the numbers are beginning to climb, and I think it may get worse before it gets better. For the time being, we are still ok and working. To comply with Oregon’s new social distancing requirements, my shift is now starting earlier. It’s not much, but I can really feel the difference, especially when added to the current stress already in place from the whole situation. I was very glad for no overtime, and have spent the greater part of my Friday and Saturday resting.

As I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to still be safe and working, I know that many of you are quarantined and probably feeling very isolated. I wanted to have something for you to inspire and provide a new project for some creativity. My lovely Resinsoul Mi currently has only one gown. Since she has been kind of neglected, I thought it would be nice to give her a new pattern. This is a very basic fitted dress with a pretty neckline and a gathered skirt. You can adjust the length of the skirt to your liking. This doll is quite tall (60cm) and very thin, so I’m not sure how she compares to other sculpts. You can check the Resinsoul website for her collected measurements. I don’t have a video for sewing the dress yet, but will try to get one finished and posted here in the near future. In the meantime, please do your best to stay safe, and happy sewing!

Resinsoul Mi Dress



A Fun Pattern To Brighten Your Day

Hello, hello, Internet~Land. I hope you are doing well, staying healthy & safe. In these strange days, I just wanted to post something to bring a smile your way. Today I have a new Bomber Jacket Pattern to fit a 1/3 scale BJD. It fits my 66cm Mirodoll male doll, but would also fit other bodies with similar sculpting styles. You can check out http://mirodoll.com/ to compare their doll’s actual measurements with your own dolls. I just know that for me, art and sewing gives a productive way to relieve the mental, emotional, & physical stress that builds up when dealing with the current uncertainties. With recent retail closures and shipping delays, maybe this will give the opportunity to add to your dolly collections in a personal & unique way. Lots of love to you all & happy sewing!

Male 66 Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket - BJD - Third Scale

A Bomber Jacket for the 11″ BTS Dolls

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land. I have a new pattern set for you. My daughter informed me that her BTS guys could use a new letterman/bomber style jacket, so here are the results of my labors. I used the Hoodie Pattern that I posted a while back as a basis for drafting this new design. I thought it might be helpful to make a video of my process for those of you who might also like to experiment with tweaking patterns you already have. No worries, though; I won’t make you draw this up yourself. I’m posting the pattern here as well as on the Free Stuff & Ready To Print Pages. You may just need to enlarge it if you’d like it for a bigger doll. Happy sewing!

11inch BTS Doll Bomber Jacket

11inch BTS Doll Bomber Jacket

The Basic Set for MTM Barbie – Reg Body

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are rested from your weekend and ready  to proceed into the new work week with zest! …. Although, I must admit that being at home is always my preference. This past week, I took advantage of some time off and worked on my BJD Peacock Beaded Gown set as well as finished up a bunch of BJD Wigs for my up-coming Doll Show at the end of the month. I’ll leave a couple pics below. 🙂 I also have a new pattern set completed for you Made-To-Move Barbie lovers! This (as you could tell from the title) is a Basic Set from which you can begin drafting your own awesome designs. I produced all three of my 11″ articulated patterns in the same file, so while the new image is separate, the Free PDF file has been revised to include all three sets: BTS Boys, MTM Curvy, & now the MTM Regular. If you’ve already printed out the others and only want the new one, just indicate page 3 in your Printer Options. Until next time, happy  designing!

11 Inch Articulated – Basic Sets REVISED