Two New MSD Size Basic Pattern Sets

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Today I have two new BASIC SETS for the Resinsoul Song (boy) and Resinsoul Mei (girl) 1/4 scale BJDs. I purchased the boy quite a while ago, but haven’t really done anything for him yet. The Mei is a recent new addition. I thought I would get these sets done for the pair and post them together. Here they are, ready to be used for all your creative designs! Enjoy!


Some Work Here on the Site

Hello, Dear Internet~Land! I hope you are having a good weekend. Our new kittens continue to grow and thrive! They had their first vet visit this past week to establish care and get a good start on a healthy journey. They are so funny and sweet. They love to cuddle and often don’t let me get much done. Not that I mind, of course! This weekend I was determined, however, to get some long needed catch-up work done here on the site. I have travelled back through the Blog posts to get a current list of patterns and have successfully updated the Menu Pages with all the latest pattern additions. Now, rather than scrolling through all the Blog posts or trying to sort through the archives, you can go directly to the Page with the pattern size of choice (or craft / paper doll selection) to see if we have what you want. I hope this will be more helpful. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Continuing my Rainbow/Shadow High Journey with a Trunk!

Greetings, dear Internet~Land! Today I’m posting a video for the unboxing of this wonderful clear acrylic doll trunk for the Rainbow/Shadow High dolls. It’s super cute, and I was pleasantly surprised that even with all the little cardboard fillers (to add extra aesthetic value), there was surprisingly little garbage to throw away. It was mostly full of wonderful clothing items and accessories. I also finished up the Gown Pattern for the Rainbow High gals to compliment the Tuxedo that was linked in the last post. Hopefully this will give opportunity for a great formal occasion set. I will add the free PDF link below the video & above the pattern set image. We also have the Wagon Wheel Doller Show & Doll Sale this weekend, and I have posted a link to their event in the video description. Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

A 3K Celebration Project

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! It’s so exciting that we’ve made it to 3000 Subscribers on the YouTube channel! Many thanks to all of you who come to support the Blog and Channel. I appreciate it so much. For something fun, I thought I’d get a new pattern set ready for the Rainbow/Shadow High Fellas ~ and what better to celebrate than a tuxedo! I have a new video to chat a bit as we draw out the pieces, and the free PDF is posted below. Thank you again and enjoy!

Checking Out Rainbow High Dolls

Hello, Dear Internet~Land. I’ve never had one of these Rainbow/Shadow High dolls, so thought it would be fun to get a couple and see what they’re like. All in all, I’m quite pleased. If you have some time, come along as I unbox my first two of these cute new additions, and then we’ll create a Basic Pattern Set for each of them as well. You can click on the FREE PDF link below to open and print your pattern copy! Enjoy!

A New BJD Gown Pattern!

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land! I have a new pattern set and tutorial video ready for you. I had planned this pattern for my Angell Studio HuaRong, but it ended up being to snug for her curvy bum. It does, however, fit my Island Doll Ada very well. I still may add some length by applying a bit of pretty lace to the bottom, so we’ll see. In any event, the PDF link is given below the video with an image of the pattern set. Wishing you all a lovely rest of your weekend and a great week to follow!

Sewing the Color Block Jacket Set

Hello, happy Internet~Land! Today we’ll take a look at sewing together one of the pattern sets from the Twelve Gifts of Christmas 2022. I’m so happy that it turned out how I pictured it when designing the pattern. It would also be easy to add length to the pieces if you want a longer coat. I’ll post the links to the PDF again in this post with the video link so they’re easier to find. Enjoy & happy sewing!