A 3K Celebration Project

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! It’s so exciting that we’ve made it to 3000 Subscribers on the YouTube channel! Many thanks to all of you who come to support the Blog and Channel. I appreciate it so much. For something fun, I thought I’d get a new pattern set ready for the Rainbow/Shadow High Fellas ~ and what better to celebrate than a tuxedo! I have a new video to chat a bit as we draw out the pieces, and the free PDF is posted below. Thank you again and enjoy!


Checking Out Rainbow High Dolls

Hello, Dear Internet~Land. I’ve never had one of these Rainbow/Shadow High dolls, so thought it would be fun to get a couple and see what they’re like. All in all, I’m quite pleased. If you have some time, come along as I unbox my first two of these cute new additions, and then we’ll create a Basic Pattern Set for each of them as well. You can click on the FREE PDF link below to open and print your pattern copy! Enjoy!

A New BJD Gown Pattern!

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land! I have a new pattern set and tutorial video ready for you. I had planned this pattern for my Angell Studio HuaRong, but it ended up being to snug for her curvy bum. It does, however, fit my Island Doll Ada very well. I still may add some length by applying a bit of pretty lace to the bottom, so we’ll see. In any event, the PDF link is given below the video with an image of the pattern set. Wishing you all a lovely rest of your weekend and a great week to follow!

Sewing the Color Block Jacket Set

Hello, happy Internet~Land! Today we’ll take a look at sewing together one of the pattern sets from the Twelve Gifts of Christmas 2022. I’m so happy that it turned out how I pictured it when designing the pattern. It would also be easy to add length to the pieces if you want a longer coat. I’ll post the links to the PDF again in this post with the video link so they’re easier to find. Enjoy & happy sewing!

Happy New Year 2023!

I hope all is well, dear Internet~Land. I was able to put together one of the pattern sets from last month and am very happy with how it turned out. It was an outfit I had wanted to make for quite a while even before I actually made the pattern. Now you can come along and see how it’s sewn. I will repost the links to the free PDFs in both MSD & SD sizes, just so they’re easier to find in conjunction with this video post. Enjoy!

2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #12

And here it is, Internet~Land, we’ve arrived at the final gift for 2022. I hope you all have enjoyed this year’s selections. I know I had a fun time getting them all ready on time. I also want to thank those of you who have send kind notes regarding my latest icy challenge. Though still very sore, my knee has made significant improvement over the last couple days, so I am encouraged. All the best to you and yours for a joyous Christmas. If you do not celebrate, I hope you’re doing well as we prepare to bring 2022 to a close. Lots of love to you, and I’ll be back soon!

2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #11

Greetings! I hope you are well, and if you celebrate Christmas, I hope you are enjoying the season. I had a bit of a mishap yesterday that put a slight kink in my posting plans. I used the daylight hours to take my mom shopping and out to lunch. We had some ice storm warnings in effect, but it was forecasted for the evening, and I hoped to get everything done before it hit. For the most part, I was successful. We got all our shopping done, and the storm didn’t show up until we were on the way home. And, boy, what a storm it was! A continuous fall of freezing rain began covering the roads and my windshield! Sadly, my van has the worst defroster ever. The wipers were getting coated with ice as well, so did very little to wipe away the build up that was forming.

We got to my mom’s safely, and I made sure she was safely maneuvered up the icy driveway and into her house. Now it was time for me to drive the remaining 15 miles to get home. That trip was definitely a challenge. It was very dark, the road was getting more icy by the minute, and it was a constant battle to try to keep the windshield clear. The van was constantly fish-tailing, but I was able to keep it centered in my lane. Three police cars and an emergency response vehicle all passed me with lights flashing going in the opposite direction. I’m not sure what happened behind me, or perhaps they were just patrolling and on the ready.

I was finally able to make it up the hill to my house. The next challenge was trying to get up the terraced steps to my house. This is where the mishap took place. All the river rock graveled steps were covered with a slippery sheet of ice. I was slowly and steadily making my way upwards when my left foot slid back and I heard and felt a very loud POP in my left knee! I managed to stay standing and avoided the fall, but I couldn’t move. It was a full five minutes that I was STUCK waiting for the pain to subside before I could even kneel down and literally CRAWL the rest of the way up the stairs and driveway to the garage door! I managed to scooch up to the door and lift it from a kneeling position to crawl inside away from the ice. I’m starting to be nervous that I managed to rip a tendon or ligament, as I am still unable to stand or walk without assistance of a person or walking stick. It’s not the way I wanted to finish up my Christmas preparations, but I guess I’ll just need to make due.

I’m so thankful I have this next gift all ready to post for you. We’re once again going to another sewing pattern. Enjoy and I’ll post the last gift very soon!

2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #9

Greetings, Internet~Land! Christmas is getting closer, and we’re now at Gift #9. This one is the smaller version of the Footie Pajama and Costume Pattern Set. It will fit the Wilde Imagination Evangeline and the Resinsoul Xun as is, but can also be easily adjusted for smaller MSD sizes by reducing the leg & arm length as needed for your particular doll. Enjoy and happy sewing!