Wigs, Wigs, & Wigs

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Howdy, all you there in Internet~Land! Well, this was a fun and productive weekend for me. It started by actually having an overtime-free Friday ~ a complete joy! I used it to prepare the last items for my Saturday Doll Show. I spent the day sewing the last of my wigs and then finishing up the rest of the ninja pants I had already cut. The show was great ~ good friends, good sales. Now I have some time to add to stock before the next show in January:


I hope to finish up all five doll cases, as well as get some more sewing done for the fellas. I was also able to finish editing the wig making video this weekend. The free pattern is already posted on the “Free Stuff” page and the “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & have a happy wig making week!


Now for Some Hightops

Hello, hello, Internet~Land. This weekend was full and productive. I was able to put together the next pair of SD BJD shoes, finish filming the accompanying video, and then attend & speak at our church’s Ladies’ Conference. It was such a blessing! When I got home, I finished editing and got the video posted to YouTube. Now I just need to make my to-do list of projects to finish this week before the Wagon Wheel Dollers Doll Show this next weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing friend vendors & collectors!


As usual, I will post a picture of this week’s Free Pattern after the video link, and the Free PDF file has been added to the “Ready To Print” page. Wishing you a wonderful week!

BJD SD Male Hightops

Time To Try Making Shoes

Yep, Internet~Land, it’s just like the title says. I made up a pattern for some BJD boots. They’re not perfect, just a very happy start. One fella booted, and two more to go. Hopefully, they’ll just get better with practice. Still, all in all, I’m very happy with this first set. I think I’ll also draft up a pattern for some high top tennis shoes. Doctor Who needs his red sneakers! As always, I’ll show the pattern pieces below the video link, and the PDF download is available on the Ready To Print page. Enjoy, and happy sewing!

BJD SD Male Boots

Sewing the Soft Whispers Gown

Good evening, Internet~Land! Thank you for stopping by. This weekend, I have a new sewing tutorial for you. I thought my Evangelines (by Wilde Imagination) needed some attention. Since I’ve been working on so many projects for the larger, 1/3 scale BJDs, my poor Evies have been rather neglected. It’s a shame, too, because they wear clothing so well! I decided to put together one of the patterns I posted in the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” last year. It’s a fun little short dress, great for an evening party or just relaxing in the attic. It may also fit Ellowyne or the new Phyn & Aero Annora. If you’d like to try it, just pop over to my “Ready To Print” page to download the Free PDF file!

A New Look To Sew

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! Today I have a new pattern set ready for you. I was watching some BTS dance practice videos, and was inspired by some of the fellas wearing cool Ninja Pants. I thought, “Hey ~ I want to make some of those!” So, I did. I showed the first version of the pants in one video, then tweaked the pattern a bit to make the current sewing tutorial video. Then I added another version of the pants that include some front pleats & back darts. I also included a basic tank-top pattern with a slight racer-back cut. The patterns were drafted to fit my 70cm Resinsoul male body, but there’s plenty of room & length to fit the Ipplehouse EID & SID bodies as well (just use stretchy fabric for the tank top). You could go so many directions with this pattern set, so have fun! A photo of the pattern set is below the video link. Just click on my Ready To Print page for the FREE PDF download!

BJD SD Ninja Pants & Tank Top

A New Pattern for Sale

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I got my video done for sewing together the new gown pattern for the Resinsoul 60cm Female BJD, and will be adding the link as soon as it’s done uploading to YouTube. The dress has a dropped back and cap sleeves over the shoulders with a corset style bodice. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and now have the pattern/instructions available for purchase along with two others (photos after the video link). At present, I only ship to the USA for the printed patterns, but can email the PDF versions. This month, the printed versions will be on sale for $9.50 (shipping to USA included) and the PDF versions will be available for $7.00. Just send me an email order with the pattern you would like to:


I will send an invoice through PayPal to the email address used. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, with the username: missyaaster  ~ ya, I know it’s a weird username ~ long story. Anyways, I will post photos of the three patterns, and will get that video link posted asap, so you can sew along with me!

PHOTO Drop-Back Gown Pattern

PHOTO Lace Overlay Pattern

PHOTO Daylight Shimmer Pattern

When a Plan Comes Together

Happy day, Internet~Land! I’m feeling quite pleased with myself this weekend. I took Thursday off work, because my daughters & I went up to Portland to see the Jack-Septic-Eye “How Did We Get Here?” tour/show. That meant I had my Friday off as well. Sometimes, when I have extra time off, I just use most of it to rest and “vegetate.” Not so this time! I was able to get TWO videos posted, a new Basic Pattern Set done, AND a new gown pattern for Elliece drafted, cut out, and sewn. The sewing tutorial video has even been filmed; I’m now in the process of editing it. I just love it when I’m productive!

That means an extra post for this fine Labor Day weekend with a FREE pattern set all ready for YOU! I’ll post the overview photo after the video link. If it’s something you’d like, just go to my “Ready To Print” page to download the PDF file. If you haven’t been here in a while, you’ll see I have a couple new Paper Dolls as well. Now I still have Sunday & Monday to enjoy. Wishing you lots of sewing fun & a GREAT weekend!

BJD SD Resinsoul 60cm Female BASIC

Love Doing Faceups

Howdy once again, Internet~Land! My Elliece’s new faceup is finally done, and I love her new look. The new Resinsoul Mei head in white looks so much better with the rest of the body. It’s actually a little whiter than the body (since it’s brand new & the body is second hand). As of now, she’s in the straight white wig, but that may still change. I’m thinking of looking for a long, straight, grey wig, but not sure yet. I’ve posted a new video showing her faceup process, and I hope it can be helpful to those who are still fairly new (like me) to doing faceups. I had fun designing her face and am now ready to start designing clothes for her. I have already drafted the “Basic Pattern Pieces Set,” though it’s not quite finalized & ready to post yet (next week). I’m also working on the video to design & sew her new gown. So much BJD sewing fun is coming soon! In the meantime, here is her faceup journey. Enjoy!

Loving the WHOLE Weekend!

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! You find me extremely content right now. We were able to finish out the work week with no overtime, so I had my whole Friday at home. I was super happy to get a new paper doll set started (pics after the video link), this new video updating you on some current projects, as well as getting some laundry folded & dispersed. I can’t believe summer is just about to end, and fall is right around the corner! I’m excited about some of the things I want to do this fall & winter. I was going through my notebook of ideas thinking that I hope I have enough time to accomplish all of them! Stay tuned for lots more patterns, paper dolls, tutorials, and other fun dolly items! Now to lay my head to my soft, squishy pillow for some sleep before enjoying the rest of my weekend!

Our Mini-Vacation

Hello, Internet~Land! Well, we’re back safe & sound from our little trip up north to Seattle, Washington. We drove up to attend “Interactive Introverts” with Dan & Phil from YouTube. It was a really fun trip, and good to get away for a little bit. We also went up to Seattle last December to see Rhett & Link’s “Tour of Mythicality”, but this time we were right down town. We stayed at the Moore Hotel, which is the same building as the Moore Theatre, so it was really fun to look out our window and see Dan & Phil’s tour bus and truck right below us.

Then, after the show, we walked about to look for a good place to have dinner. We ate at a great Vietnamese restaurant, and enjoyed pho with fresh red basil. It was also served with some little sliced peppers, and I made the mistake of tasting one ~ WOW! My lips and tongue burned for the next half hour! I think it was just supposed to go in the soup to add flavor. Lesson learned! Once dinner was done, we walked down towards the famous Pike’s Market and were pleased to find The Purple Store!


I bought a hand-tie-dyed t-shirt with the store logo that is featured on their home page. Check it out for all-things-purple! All in all, it was both a fun and relaxing trip … but then again, I didn’t have to drive. I was free to sight see as my daughter endured the freeway traffic ~ magnificently, I might add. While watching the scenery pass by, I was very disturbed to see the trees full of GIANT spider webs!!! I tried to take photos, but it’s hard at 70 miles an hour. In any event, I’ll post the best one, so you can get chills as well! The webs are in the left side of the photo … ewwww …

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I guess that brings us to the end of my update. I’ll close by letting you know I posted a new video and a new little pattern on the “Ready To Print” page. The video is a pants sewing tutorial, and the pattern is for making a variety of sizes of fashion doll stockings (image shown after the video link). Enjoy, and here’s wishing you a great remainder of your weekend!

Dolly Stockings