Christmas Gifts 2021 #7

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! Here is surprise #7 for you ~ the Snow Faerie Boy to compliment the Snow Faerie Girl posted a couple days back. I thought it would be fitting to complete the set, since we’re now enjoying several new inches of snow! I don’t know how long the white yard and streets will stick around, but these snowy little munchkins should keep the sparkly, wintery wishes around for quite a while. Enjoy!


Christmas Gifts 2021 #6

Hello, Internet~Land! I hope your holiday weekend has been happy! Though we had a lot going on in the days leading up to the 25th, our Christmas day was actually very relaxed. Since we’re still in the holiday season, not yet having come to the new year, I have another gift ready for you. This pattern set will complete the third version of the Long Tailored Coat Pattern Set. In previous posts, we have both the MSD (39cm) and SD (66cm) sizes, and now we have the smaller 1/6 size designed for the 11″ BTS fellas made by Mattel. With all three sizes finished, hopefully you will have one that works or is at least easy to alter to your needs. Happy Christmas, everyone!

Christmas Gifts 2021 #2

Hello, All! Well, it’s been an interesting 3 or 4 weeks. We had the ultimate joyful experience traveling to LA for the BTS concert. After we got home, it was time to go to work again, and on Tuesday I received my wonderful package from BJD Gravity in South Korea! (The unboxing video link will be added below.) Then on Thursday, the 9th, I was headed out the door for work, and my foot hit unexpected ice at the top of my porch steps. I managed to fall down all seven steps to land in a crumpled heap at the bottom! I knew my daughter was still awake, so was able to text her for help to get up the stairs and back into the house. I missed a day of work last week and have had a VERY sore time of it since I went back this past Monday. Then we had a rough time saying good-bye to a loved kitty who has been with us for 11 years. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of events and emotions, all while preparing for the Holiday. Have no fear, however, we are well and will persevere!

This next surprise is a new Christmas outfit for the Ella Flex Articulated “BJD” Paper Doll. I’ve updated the PDF link so this single file contains the doll and all her outfits. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll be back with another Christmas surprise very soon!

Christmas Gifts 2021 #1

Greetings, my dear Internet~Land and Happy December 2021! You’ve probably noticed the slight difference in the title of this first December post compared to previous years. We’ve had so much going this year with extra overtime at work that I didn’t want to promise false expectations. We might have a few less posts this year, but I still have lots of fun planned. This first gift is a little late, but I took advantage of some “wait time” at LAX to get this first new pattern set ready for you. Why were we at LAX you ask? Well, we had a mini family trip to see … (drumroll, please) … B…T…S!!!!! It was an AMAZING show! Here are a couple pics from our night. Below them, I’ll post the PDF file and a picture of the pattern collection. This set includes pieces for a long tailored/tailed coat, a shirt, bandless pleated pants, stockings, and embroidered/beaded boots. I was inspired after the concert and wanted to design a new outfit for my BJD Gravity 39cm fellas, Peach and Chocolate (who has been shipped & will soon arrive). I hope you enjoy this month’s Christmas surprises and have a very happy Holiday Season!