Some of My Favorite Style of Pants

Hello, Internet~Land! It was so fun to see some of you at the Doll Show this weekend. I always enjoy preparing for a show with fun new fashions. As shown at my table, I’ve been looking forward to finishing this new pattern set for you. When I took a try at making SD (1/3 scale) size pants with a paper bag style waistline, I found that I liked my result even better than a set that I purchased. I used a light poly-cotton blend to hold a nice ironed crease without getting overloaded with the wrinkles that can come with 100% cotton. I had been holding on to a small piece of flame print fabric for a really long time, and I think this was the perfect project for it! The pattern set includes the tie-close coat, a sleeveless shirt, and the pants. It also features pieces for either a solid color suit or the color-blocked option. Enjoy!


New Basic Set for Miro 60cm Fella

Hello, my friends in Internet~Land. I currently have my Honey on the MiroDoll 60cm body, but he’s wearing some clothes that don’t quite fit the way I want. The Bobobie pants were a bit to short, and the oversized sweater is a bit too oversized. I decided to make the new Basic Set to design some pieces that will fit this specific body. Remember ~ my Basic Sets are drafted directly from the doll and are intended to be a starting point for your own unique fashions. If they are sewn “as is,” they will produce a tight fitting body suit. The pieces have a 1/4″ seam allowance included so you don’t forget to add it. Also ~ remember to add extra to your front or back depending on where you place the opening. Happy sewing!

A BJD Costume from a People Pattern

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land. I’ve finally been given the “go” to start weaning from the hand brace. My first order of business is to flex my fingers by drafting a new pattern set. In this project, we’ll use the instructions diagram to create the pattern pieces for a BJD MSD (1/4 scale) Star Trek Costume. In the video, I give the pattern number in case you’d like to search and purchase it for the actual sewing instruction steps. I’ve also linked the image and PDF file of my finished pattern below. Enjoy and happy sewing!

Taking Advantage of my Medicine

Howdy, Internet~Land! Well, the doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory medication that is at least helping as long as I take it. We yet have to see how it works for the long term once it’s done, which will be soon. While it’s still working, I’ve put in a bit of time getting these pages rearranged, and I think the site is now pretty much up to date. In my process, I did find one new pattern that was ready but not yet posted, so here you go! It’s the zip-up SD sized Hoodie. Enjoy!

Site Changes!

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land! Thanks so much for coming to visit my Blog/Website. I hope here you can find encouragement and inspiration for your own creative journeys. Just a bit of news for you ~ I’m making some changes to the site, so it’s easier to find what you want. I’m adding new Ready To Print pages that will be categorized and will have the images and PDF links placed together. The first one, “Ready To Print – Paper Dolls,” is now finished and added to the MENU at the top of the site, so all the Paper Doll Sets are now on that page. I’ll be making these changes a little at a time, but rest assured, none of the patterns will be removed from their normal locations until they are safe on their own new pages. Patterns will also still be linked in the Blog posts when they were introduced. So, please “stay tuned” for updates as I get our space more organized! All the best to you for a wonderful day!