Free BJD MSD Basic Pattern Pieces

Good evening to you, Internet-Land! Well, after all my good intentions last week of slowing down the buying trend, it only took a couple days to fall off my own wagon. I saw and purchased one more doll … and now I’m done … I think. I joined some great BJD groups on facebook, and found a Resinsoul Long for sale. I think I am right that he was needed here to pair up with the lovely white lady I purchased earlier. Now I will have my tall couple and the five pastel girls for my current project. I’m hoping not to be further tempted! As to the pastel project, I was able to get two of my face-ups done. I posted pics in the groups, but thought I’d share them here as well. The first two pics are the before & after shots of the Bobobie Ophelia (she needed some pizzaz), and the third is the Fairyland Nanuri. Then, after the face-up photos, I have some new patterns for you.

In my conversations this week, I was asked if I have any MSD size patterns. Most of the clothing I’ve made for this size was more specific to the Wilde Imagination Ellowyne. Today I actually worked on drafting patterns for both the MSD JID body and the MSD MiniFee body. Both of mine have the smaller bust line, so you made need to make alterations according to your own dolls.

REMEMBER! My “Basic Pattern Piece” sets are drafted directly from the doll, and do not have any extra fullness. If sewn “as is,” you would get a very tight body suit. You will need to add the overlap for closures and any fullness you want in your look. I do, however, include a 0.25″ seam allowance. Now the designing is totally up to you! Here is a view of the patterns, and the free PDF files are ready to download on my “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy!

BJD MSD Basic Pieces


Getting Carried Away!

Good morning all you there in Internet-Land! Well, as the title says, I have been having some BJD fun ~ maybe too much fun. I have been adding some gals to my small, yet growing, collection. One of the dolls has been here for quite a while, and I need to put on her face. That is the 60cm MiroDoll body with the Fairyland Feeple Nanuri event head. The next addition was the Bobobie Ophelia. My latest purchase is the 60cm white Resinsoul body with both jointed hands and stationary hands. I just love her slender sculpt! I bought a “white skin” AkagiDoll Ban head for her, but it was not white like the body ~ just a lighter natural color. I could make it work, but it doesn’t look quite as I wish, so I have purchased a DollLove Xueying head instead ~ now I’m waiting for it to arrive. I might sell the AkagiDoll head … or just wait and get another body to go with it … I mean, all these girls were UNDER $200 … but seriously, I need to stop! 🙂

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The next bit of fun news is a reminder to me that you can always find cool dolly items in not-so-expensive places. My friend came to work the other day and said, “I have something for you. I was searching through the ‘pay-by-the-pound’ bin at Goodwill and found this! Maybe you can use it for a pattern or sell it or something.” She then handed me this adorable fisherman’s vest, complete with actual pockets, zippers, and lures! It has a brand sticker, “MUSTAD,” but I’ll need to do some research on it. It looks like it will fit a third-scale BJD or American Girl size doll. It’s so cute ~ I definitely will NOT be selling it!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Another item on my “talk about” list is that I have five new doll trunks in production. My bedroom/sewing room/work shop is getting VERY full! I will post updates when the trunks are done and ready to list on eBay. Or maybe I’ll just try selling them here on my own site. Not sure yet.

And now to something for you. As I mentioned on my facebook page, I am working on a new spring project. It’s a collection of five pastel jacket & dress sets. (This MUST be the reason I needed more dolls, right???) I even bought five pair of white sneakers for them to all wear in the photo shoots ~ so excited! I have all the jackets cut out, and have been working on the dress pattern I will be using. It’s a basic dress with a dropped front V-waistline, gathered skirt, and overlapping tulip sleeves. I decided to share the dress pattern with all of you. I will post the pdf file on my Ready To Print page, so you can hop over there to easily download it. This pattern is formatted to 8.5×11 inch paper.

I hope you enjoy the pattern and have a super great day!

An Awesome Day at Comic Con!

Wow, Internet-Land! I’m worn out after our adventure to Portland yesterday. We had so much fun meeting artists, cos-players, authors, & celebrities. I’ll share what I posted on facebook, and add some of the pictures. Enjoy!

Wow, Friends & Visitors! What a fun day we had at the Wizard World Comic Con 2018! It was such a great time. I didn’t have time to work on much over the weekend, but will share a few pics of our adventure.
The “Back to the Future” Time Machine DeLorean was built by this wonderful couple who travel with it raising contributions for Parkinson’s Research. Check out their page & website!
Have a wonderful week! (I’ll be resting! )

Making 1/3 BJD Pattern Pieces

Good morning, Internet-Land. I had an idea for a new project, but in order to start, I was going to need to make a new pattern set. Since I had never done a complete Basic Set for my 1/3 scale (58cm) BJD gals, I thought this would be a good day to incorporate that in as well. To see a more detailed list of steps for wrapping, taping. and marking your particular doll, you can see my earlier tutorial in the archives: Making a Fitted Pattern for Evangeline on October 1, 2017. The steps are the same for any doll you might want to use. Here I will just mention the steps and show a couple photos I took during the process. At the end I will include a picture of the finished pattern set, and if you would like, you can pop over to my Ready To Print page and download the pdf file with the pieces. These are formatted to legal size paper (8.5″x14″). Remember ~ as with my other “Basic Pattern Sets,” the pieces are an ACTUAL EXACT FIT directly from the doll used. As you draft your own cool new designs, you will need to add any fullness required along with the needed overlaps for front or back closures or pant fly openings, etc.

First, I wrap the doll in plastic kitchen wrap. Then I tape over the wrap with the frosted style of adhesive tape. I only need to wrap one side of her. Once wrapped & taped, I draw my pattern lines on the tape.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Second, I carefully cut the pieces off the doll, being careful not to scratch her. I carefully remove excess wrap from the backside of the pieces, so they will lay a little easier on the paper. These pieces are then traced with pencil onto clean paper.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Third, I add between one-sixteenth and one-eighth inch to the outside of the lines to smooth out the pieces (except for the inside of the arm-holes and neck-line, these I keep the same).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Fourth, I add a .25″ seam allowance to all pieces.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Remember, these are only the exact fitted pieces. The rest is up to your own great creativity! Enjoy & thanx for stopping by!

BJD FEMALE 58m Basic Pieces