A Fun BTS Inspired Look for SD BJDs

Greetings, dear friends in Internet~Land. I got the date scheduled for surgery on my hand, and I have a little bit of time. I thought I’d get another pattern up-sized for you while I wait. I decided to work on the Wrap-Pleat Pants Pattern for third scale sized BJD fellas. I decided to include it in a three piece set inspired by Yoongi’s (Suga’s) outfit for the “Dynamite” and “Butter” portion of the Permission To Dance concert. I loved the extra long, flowy shirt and diagonally hemmed tank-top, so I added them to the pants for a loose, comfy set. When I sew these pieces, I plan on using a soft, printed fabric for the shirt that will have a gentle drape. It can also have a belt and beltloops added for extra detail. The pants will be a light poly-cotton blend, so they will lay nice and hold the pleat.

Since I’m not sewing at present, you can check out my YouTube channel (missysimaginings) for tips on sewing similar items. The main difference will be the assembly of the pants. They should actually be less work, because the pleats are not sewn into the front. Just put in the front pockets and back darts first. Next, sew the center back and center front with the fly. Then sew the side-seams. I would add the waistline facing before sewing the hems and inseam. That will pretty much complete the construction. All that’s left is to fit them to the doll, fold the sides to the front, and do the hand-work of adding snaps to hold the folded/wrapped pleats in place. I hope this will be a fun project for adding some variety to your fella’s wardrobe!


Some Side-Snap Pants for MSD BJDs

Hello, friends in Internet~Land. Well, it looks like it’s a good thing I found the Quantum Leap Complete Series DVD Collection for about $10. It turns out I’ll have them to help pass the time while recovering from my up-coming hand surgery. After trying all the normal steps for relief (bracing, compression, meds, and physical therapy), the specialist determined a surgical procedure is the only option that will lead to correction. So, once I have the operation, we will “enjoy” another space between posts and projects. I’m working on some ideas, so I’ll see how many I can get ready before I go in for my “event.” In the meantime, here is a fun pattern for your MSD size fellas. It may also work for some of the Tonner guys, so you’ll just have to check the measurements or make a mock-up with some practice fabric. Hopefully, these few last MSD patterns will give you a good base for creating lots of fun designs. Happy sewing!

And Now for the Smaller Size

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Today’s post is a reduced size pattern ~ the MSD Front Drape Harem Pants with a Pullover Hoodie added for good measure. Since this is meant to go over the head rather than close in the front, the back is designed to have an opening at the back of the neck. This can be closed with a snap or button, so it can have either a fashionable or hidden closure when the hood is up and will not show at all when the hood is down. Now all the smaller fellas can have a stylish new look. Stay safe out there and happy sewing!

A New Style of SD BJD Harem Pants

Greetings, Internet~Land. I have a fun pattern for you to try. This pant pattern features a drape panel across the front that follows the angle line of the leg. The pants also have a banded drawstring waist, cuffed ankles, and side-seam pockets. I drafted the pattern from the MiroDoll 66cm Fella BASIC Pattern Set, but it should work for several similar sized bodies. Enjoy!

Let’s Draft an MSD BJD Pattern Together

Greetings, my Internet~Land Friends! I hope all is well with you. Here, we are enjoying a very rainy, blustery event. We’ve had high wind advisories today, and I could definitely feel the force of it as I drove to my physical therapy appointment this morning! It’s still blowing pretty hard this evening, so I hope I don’t waken to a downed tree tomorrow.

For our drafting project, I have posted this video and the new MSD Pattern that resulted from it. This was made using the BASIC SET for the MiroDoll 44cm fella. I hope you like the pattern and find the video helpful. Just be warned ~ it’s a LONG one!

New BASIC SET for MiroDoll 44cm Fella

Greetings, Internet~Land! Well, I am finally happy with my little 44cm guy from MiroDoll. Long ago I purchased a Miro MSD Flora head from a friend, and did the faceup with a more masculine look. I then purchased the 44cm body from the company to go with it. Though I was satisfied with my faceup and the choice to use it on a male body, I just never fell in love with the sculpt itself (whether done as male or female). I had, however, always really liked the look of their Leo sculpt. I guess it’s just more my style. Even though I ordered him in the wrong resin color (normal pink when it should have been normal yellow ~ zoiks), I was able to get an acceptable match by using more yellows and peach colors in the faceup. I also didn’t have the eye style contrast in purples, but I did have some blues that would do the trick. Since I still need to make his brownish wig, he’s wearing a nice ivory one for the time being. Now I can say that I’m very happy with my little MSD fella! For the moment he’s wearing a soft workout set that is actually for the Tonner Matt body, but it will work until I can make him some clothes of his own. To move forward with that process, I have drafted a new BASIC PATTERN SET for this MiroDoll 44cm MaleBody. Hope it’s helpful to any of you who are needing a male Basic Set of similar proportions. The pattern images and link are posted below these shots of my cute little guy. Enjoy!