Supplemental Basics for Miro 70cm Girl

Greetings, Internet~Land! I hope you’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and pleasant and included my mom, my two daughters, and myself. We had a delicious meal, then spent time playing games and watching videos. All in all, a very relaxing day. To finish off the holiday, I wanted to pop in with a new small pattern and video. I’ve had some questions about drafting patterns for basic sets and a bustier, so thought I would combine the two. The doll used in this example is the MiroDoll 70cm Iris, but you can use the technique for any doll you have. I hope it’s helpful!


New Peacock Pattern Set for MiroDoll 70cm Iris

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Today I have a new set ready for your taller gals. This one was drafted to compliment the other two beaded projects I have to go with my trio in blue, black, and normal resins. I know the gown is going to take the most time, so if I get a little bogged down with the beading on it, I can also work on the two other looks. I’ll post the picture and PDF link below the video where we draw it out. Enjoy & happy sewing!