A Mid-Week Surprise!

Good evening, Internet-Land! I have a treat for you tonight. I’ve had quite a few requests for MSD BJD patterns, especially for the MiniFee. So this is for you. It’s a simple dress pattern designed to have a lace collar, lace sleeves, and lace that overlays the skirt. Here’s an overview picture of the pattern set, and you can download the PDF file for free from my “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & have a great rest of the week! ~ missy

BJD MSD MiniFee Lace Overlay Dress Pattern


BJD SD Mod Outfit Pattern

Howdy, all you there in Internet-Land! This week has been a busy one for me. I was happy to just have a 40 hour work week. Then, Friday, my daughter and I enjoyed some time out at my parents’ house. Friday afternoon & evening were spent working on five more of my doll cases/trunks. I was able to get the shells of all five completely covered. I am trying out a new type of double-layer cardboard. It will definitely make the cases more sturdy, but it’s also more of a challenge to get the covering to look nice on the edges & corners. The next step is to add the grommets for the hinges, then cut, fold, glue, & cover the shelves & drawers. Still quite a bit of work, but making good progress.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I also wanted to share another pattern today. This one is fitted to a 1/3 scale BJD SD size doll. It’s a Mod Style Outfit with bell-bottom pants, a halter top, and a long sweater. Quite a while back, I found some crocheted fabric, and I just KNEW it needed to be a long sweater. It inspired the whole outfit! Now the pattern is available for you. Just pop over to the “Ready To Print Page” for the free pdf download. The pages are formatted to 8.5″x11″ paper. Enjoy & happy sewing!

BJD SD Mod Outfit

Updates on a Spring Project

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land. I’m back after a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I love being a mom! I have had time to work on the spring projects I mentioned in earlier posts. I was able to be home most of the weekend, so got the main dividers all cut, covered, and placed into the five doll cases I’m currently constructing. Once that was done (and the glue was curing), I sat myself at my sewing machine and began to work! I have two of the jackets done (except for the hand work of snaps & buttons), and have good progress on the remaining three. The cute little white sneakers also arrived, so are patiently waiting for me to get done & place them in the photo shoot. Other news is my soon-to-arrive BJD purchases and some new outfits for my Mae paper doll. So enjoy the photos and new paper doll fun!

First up ~ for Mother’s Day, my daughter bought me the CUTEST miniature dolly size tea set! I absolutely LOVE this set ~ complete with gold plating and pedestal design! We just love shopping at thrift stores!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Second, I have pictures to update you on my sewing progress. I’m so excited to get this one finished! Here are some pics of the jackets.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

These will be the five dresses & sneakers to go with the coats.

Third are my BJD purchases. Yes, I know I was “done buying,” but a Resinsoul male doll I’ve been watching for MONTHS with a DAVID TENNANT face sculpt was offered at an irresistible price! Once he arrives, he will be turned back into Doctor Who with great hair & a snappy suit! I also ordered a Resinsoul Mi head in white to fit onto Elliece’s body to perfect the skin-tone match. (The picture of Mi with a floral crown is a stock photo from Resinsoul.)

And finally, I have a new set of outfits for Mae. As always, you can also view all images for the set on the “Free Stuff” page and then download the free pdf file from my “Ready To Print” page. I hope you enjoy coloring any & all of my free paper doll sets! Have a GREAT week and I’ll “chat” again later!

Mae 3

Mae ~ A New Paper Doll

Good evening, Internet-Land. I hope it’s been a good weekend for you. Mine was very good. Friday, we went up to a Ladies’ Conference in the Portland area. It was fun to connect with friends and enjoy fellowship & encouragement. Then on Saturday, I had some overdue projects here at home. It was time to cash in a bunch of soda bottle returns, and the grass was finally dry enough to mow my jungle of a yard. My daughter helped with the bottle return job by removing ALL the lids for me ~ VERY helpful! Then when I came home, it was time to fire up the mower. I was dreading this job, because my hands have been in pretty bad shape lately. Nevertheless, I dove in with determination. As I was rounding the side of the house, I caught something in my peripheral vision. It was the neighbor boy from next door. He came over to see if I wanted help with the lawn. I asked how much he charged, and he questioningly answered, “Five dollars?” I surveyed the remaining work and replied, “How ’bout fifteen?” 🙂

My sewing is kind of on the back burner for a while until my hands are feeling better, but I was able to work on the new paper doll. She is now ready to meet the world, and I have five outfits and two wigs ready for her. So, without further ado ~ here is Mae! The current outfits will show on my “Free Stuff” overview page, and the pdf can be found on the “Ready To Print” page. I’ll update the pdf as I add new outfits. Enjoy!

Mae 1

Mae 2