Mae ~ A New Paper Doll

Good evening, Internet-Land. I hope it’s been a good weekend for you. Mine was very good. Friday, we went up to a Ladies’ Conference in the Portland area. It was fun to connect with friends and enjoy fellowship & encouragement. Then on Saturday, I had some overdue projects here at home. It was time to cash in a bunch of soda bottle returns, and the grass was finally dry enough to mow my jungle of a yard. My daughter helped with the bottle return job by removing ALL the lids for me ~ VERY helpful! Then when I came home, it was time to fire up the mower. I was dreading this job, because my hands have been in pretty bad shape lately. Nevertheless, I dove in with determination. As I was rounding the side of the house, I caught something in my peripheral vision. It was the neighbor boy from next door. He came over to see if I wanted help with the lawn. I asked how much he charged, and he questioningly answered, “Five dollars?” I surveyed the remaining work and replied, “How ’bout fifteen?” 🙂

My sewing is kind of on the back burner for a while until my hands are feeling better, but I was able to work on the new paper doll. She is now ready to meet the world, and I have five outfits and two wigs ready for her. So, without further ado ~ here is Mae! The current outfits will show on my “Free Stuff” overview page, and the pdf can be found on the “Ready To Print” page. I’ll update the pdf as I add new outfits. Enjoy!

Mae 1

Mae 2


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