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zzzzzz ~ oh, hi, internet~land

I’m not sure why my videos & posts always seem to be finished so late, when I really should have been in bed sleeping HOURS ago. I actually do work on things during the day. Maybe it’s just because I don’t want to wait another full day before I can post it. So, here I am, saying both “hello” & “good night” as I add a new pattern & video for your sewing enjoyment. Sleep sweet!

BJD SD Kimono Set

BJD SD Girl Kimono Pattern Set


BJD SD Turtleneck Shirt

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land. Now that I’m happy with my ninja pants pattern, I thought I needed to add a nice casual top to go with them. This is a pretty easy pattern with lots of ways to “change it up.” You can make the collar more narrow, lengthen or shorten the sleeves, keep the back open or sew it up, or add more length to the hem. It’s a good base pattern from which you can create your own special look. The dolls I’ve tried it on are a 70cm Resinsoul Long and a 68cm Mirodoll Rain. The pattern should be easily adapted to dolls that are both smaller and larger. Hope it’s helpful in your designing endeavours!

Pattern – BJD SD Turtleneck

BJD SD Turtleneck

Having Fun with Dolly Corsets

Here in the U.S., we are about to enjoy our Independence Day holiday on July 4th. I am so excited to have a wonderful mini vacation ~ FIVE days off! It’s not that I have a lot of mighty events planned, but I just LOVE being home! We will spend some time with family on Thursday, but the other days, I will just get to relax and have some fun working in my yard … or sleeping. To celebrate the occasion, I have a different kind of video & pattern set ready for you. Usually, each pattern I post is for one particular type of doll at a time. Today, we’re blowing out all the stops! This set features THREE kinds of corset patterns, each designed for THREE different dolls! That means NINE patterns in one set! In my video, we will put together four corsets. So, strap on your wrist-wrap-pin-cushion, because it’s time to get sewing!

Corset Basics Pattern Set

Corset Basics