Additional Ideas for the Flower Skirt

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. So, last week I had a lot of fun putting together the pink flower skirt for Evangeline. This week I wanted to try tweaking it a bit. I enlarged it to fit a 1/3 scale BJD, lengthened the back of the skirt, added a ruched bit of tulle & beads to the waistband, and used some of my favorite colors ~ black & red. I’m still not sure I like the lengthened back, but I do like the way it turned out. And, as I’m such a softy, I prepared both patterns to post here on the website for any who don’t really like to make their own patterns. The pattern overview images will be posted below the video link as well as on the “Free Stuff” page as usual. I will also post the free PDF files on the “Ready To Print” page for your downloading and printing pleasure. Wishing you all a very awesome week!

Evangeline Flower Skirt

BJD SD Flower Skirt


Sewing a New Idea

Greetings, Internet~Land. Today I tried something new. I saw a great idea for a “people size” outfit, and decided to scale it down to fit my Evangeline dolls by Wilde Imagination. I was very happy that it fit perfectly the first time! The idea came from a gal on YouTube. Her channel name is: Angela Clayton. She has all kinds of fantastic ideas and tutorials. The one I decided to make is a flower skirt. I loved the way the tulle covered the flowers and gave it kind of a misty look. I did make some small adjustments in how I put it together, since dolls have much less room for bulkiness in the seam allowances. Still, I was very pleased with my results. This week will not have a new pattern, because as you’ll see in the video, the pieces are simply a circle and a waistband. That’s it. Super easy and super fast. I hope it can inspire you to create something beautiful as well. Happy sewing!

Wigs, Wigs, & Wigs

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Howdy, all you there in Internet~Land! Well, this was a fun and productive weekend for me. It started by actually having an overtime-free Friday ~ a complete joy! I used it to prepare the last items for my Saturday Doll Show. I spent the day sewing the last of my wigs and then finishing up the rest of the ninja pants I had already cut. The show was great ~ good friends, good sales. Now I have some time to add to stock before the next show in January:

I hope to finish up all five doll cases, as well as get some more sewing done for the fellas. I was also able to finish editing the wig making video this weekend. The free pattern is already posted on the “Free Stuff” page and the “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & have a happy wig making week!

Now for Some Hightops

Hello, hello, Internet~Land. This weekend was full and productive. I was able to put together the next pair of SD BJD shoes, finish filming the accompanying video, and then attend & speak at our church’s Ladies’ Conference. It was such a blessing! When I got home, I finished editing and got the video posted to YouTube. Now I just need to make my to-do list of projects to finish this week before the Wagon Wheel Dollers Doll Show this next weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing friend vendors & collectors!

As usual, I will post a picture of this week’s Free Pattern after the video link, and the Free PDF file has been added to the “Ready To Print” page. Wishing you a wonderful week!

BJD SD Male Hightops