Sewing a New Idea

Greetings, Internet~Land. Today I tried something new. I saw a great idea for a “people size” outfit, and decided to scale it down to fit my Evangeline dolls by Wilde Imagination. I was very happy that it fit perfectly the first time! The idea came from a gal on YouTube. Her channel name is: Angela Clayton. She has all kinds of fantastic ideas and tutorials. The one I decided to make is a flower skirt. I loved the way the tulle covered the flowers and gave it kind of a misty look. I did make some small adjustments in how I put it together, since dolls have much less room for bulkiness in the seam allowances. Still, I was very pleased with my results. This week will not have a new pattern, because as you’ll see in the video, the pieces are simply a circle and a waistband. That’s it. Super easy and super fast. I hope it can inspire you to create something beautiful as well. Happy sewing!


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