Additional Ideas for the Flower Skirt

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. So, last week I had a lot of fun putting together the pink flower skirt for Evangeline. This week I wanted to try tweaking it a bit. I enlarged it to fit a 1/3 scale BJD, lengthened the back of the skirt, added a ruched bit of tulle & beads to the waistband, and used some of my favorite colors ~ black & red. I’m still not sure I like the lengthened back, but I do like the way it turned out. And, as I’m such a softy, I prepared both patterns to post here on the website for any who don’t really like to make their own patterns. The pattern overview images will be posted below the video link as well as on the “Free Stuff” page as usual. I will also post the free PDF files on the “Ready To Print” page for your downloading and printing pleasure. Wishing you all a very awesome week!

Evangeline Flower Skirt

BJD SD Flower Skirt


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