A Pattern “Up-Grade” for Bobobie Apollo

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Recently, I made a purchase of a Distant Memory Jaeii head, but not a DM body. Instead, I currently have him on a Bobobie Apollo body, and have actually ordered a standard 1/3 body from Resinsoul (due to arrive some time in July). While waiting for his new body to arrive, I was looking at a suit I made for Apollo, and I think it needs to be revised. The fit is a little more snug than I would like. Soooooo ~ I have added pleats to the pants, did a general “enlargement” for a looser fit, and changed up the two-tone design on the jacket sleeves. Here’s the new version, and I hope it will work for the Resinsoul when he arrives! Enjoy!


Choosing Fabrics for the Mori Style Set

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! This week, I am continuing with the Mori Fashion design for the SD BJDs. In this video I talk about how to assemble some of the pattern pieces and what I look for when choosing fabrics for this type of style. I also mentioned that I’d be happy to post the picture I sketched out in order to fill in different color combinations, so I linked the PDF below. I hope it’s helpful as you plan your project!