Choosing Fabrics for the Mori Style Set

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! This week, I am continuing with the Mori Fashion design for the SD BJDs. In this video I talk about how to assemble some of the pattern pieces and what I look for when choosing fabrics for this type of style. I also mentioned that I’d be happy to post the picture I sketched out in order to fill in different color combinations, so I linked the PDF below. I hope it’s helpful as you plan your project!


2 thoughts on “Choosing Fabrics for the Mori Style Set

  1. Marina says:

    Merci pour ces patrons gratuits et toutes les informations que vous nous donnez pour réussir nos travaux de couture. Votre travail est magnifique et vous partagez généreusement.
    Savez-vous comment réduire le patron du “set Mori pour SD” afin de le coudre pour une MSD ?


    • missysimaginings says:

      You are most welcome! I have several friends in our community say that they just reduced the SD pattern set to about 75% of the original size to fit MSD dolls, Just remember that doing this will also reduce the room for the seam allowance, so you may need to add a couple extra mm to the edge to account for it. Hope this helps! ~ missy


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