Making Something “Good” “Better!”

Hello, hello, friends in Internet~Land. I’m not sure why my posts and videos always end up being finished way too late on a Sunday evening. I think it’s because my subconscious is trying to avoid the knowledge that the sooner I go to bed & go to sleep, the sooner I will have to wake up and go back to work. I just LOVE being home!

Oh, well, in any event, I have a new updated pattern & video for you. I was wandering through some of my facebook groups this week and came across an excellent idea for a waistband on the BJD SD Ninja Pants. I thought, “I just have to give this a try!” Low and behold, I love how it worked. Improvements are always a good thing. Soooo ~ I drafted up a pretty version of my brown paper pattern so I can post it here for you to try. Enjoy & happy sewing!

Pattern – BJD SD Waistbanded Ninja Pants

BJD SD Waistbanded Ninja Pants


Showin’ a Mom Some Love!

Hey there, Internet~Land! Just popping in for a quick update. My wonderful daughters treated me to a surprise ~ a new & upgraded camera! Two years ago, they bought me a very nice camera for Christmas. A couple weeks ago, it totally froze. Even with brand new batteries, it would not turn on long enough for the lens to go back into the mount. Fortunately, they included an extended protection plan which covered the original purchase amount. Well, instead of just replacing the current one, they added to it in order to get a different camera. Here’s my happy box opening!