“Just Because…”

I was thinking yesterday, “Zoiks! ~ I don’t really have any ‘news’ to share other than my new doll case design (of which I definitely will post a picture for you), but I already posted that news on my facebook page. I don’t want to have both of these sites be just duplicates of one another, so what should I put on the blog?” And then it occurred to me ~ I can just write something. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking ~ it can just be something I want to say. I mean, that’s what most blogs are anyway, right? Then I thought, “Hmmmm ~ so what would I want to say? What would be important? What would be inspiring?” Again, I realized it would be ok to just say what I want to say, not what I think people would want to read. So ~ here goes nothing … nothing but “me.”

Sometimes I look over all my irons in the fire & think, “What’s the use? Nothing is really ‘bursting at the seams’ with success. Why do I keep doing it? Why try to meet deadlines for shows? Why try to keep new ideas coming to the surface? It’s not raking in tons of cash. It’s not making me famous.” But I think I know. I am so very blessed. God has blessed me in such great ways. I have two WONDERFUL daughters. I have a great family. I have an awesome church family with amazing, supportive friends. Then, to help make some ends meet, I get to do something I enjoy ~ “I enjoy!” That’s it! I make myself crazy deadlines because I enjoy it. I sew “new items” because I enjoy it. I try to have new posts, pics, & designs for readers because I enjoy it. What a fun reason to keep going! So yes, sometimes I dread changing out the thread on my serger. Sometimes I look at all that cardboard that needs to be cut, folded, covered, & completed, and I cringe. Sometimes I think, “…the designer doll clothes are soooo much cooler than mine…” But in the end, I remind myself that I get to spend some time doing something I enjoy, and it actually produces a little bit of income. In the end, how cool is that?!?!

So, for all three or four people who might actually see this post & then actually bother reading it, know this ~ I am SO glad you came to my site. I am so glad you read my post. I do hope it will inspire you to read a few more. I hope it will lead you to be creative in your own way. I hope you enjoy the pictures and paper dolls. But, at the end of the day, I will choose to be content even if no one comes. I will keep posting. I will choose to be thankful for the opportunity to do what I enjoy. And I will enjoy it.

Thanx for coming; thanx for listening!



A Bit of Fun!

OK ~ so, call me silly, but I’m excited about this post. I have another free item for you all! And yes, it’s another “click bait,” because you need to go over to my facebook page to get the other outfit (both are formatted to legal size paper). But THIS time, BOTH sets include WINGS! I got to thinking and surmised what some might have thought earlier, “If these are supposed to be fairy paper dolls, WHERE are the WINGS?!?!” Well, here they are. The other bit of fun about this post is that I have ANOTHER surprise ready, too! At the up-coming Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show, I will be giving away a FREE printed paper doll from this collection ~ “first come ~ first serve” ~ until they are all gone. The important thing about the printed doll is that she will have the same body as this web edition, and will also include a gown on the page with her. (That’s why there are two different designs on the tabs.) This means that for everyone who gets a doll at the show, they will also be able to go home and print out all four additional outfits, plus the doll in my earlier post!

I used to go to a monthly local vendor “Scrap Club” for scrap-booking. I always loved the cute little free items that were handed out to help inspire creativity, so that’s what I want to continue with my pages. I appreciate all my collector friends & clients, and this is a fun way to say, “Thank you!” You can check out the links below for the Portland Doll Show and my facebook page. Thanx for dropping by!

http://dolls4all.com/portland-or/             and            www.facebook.com/missysimaginings/

A Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Blossom Rose


Howdy! I hope all is well with you this fine Thursday evening. As I’ve been working on more doll cases (for 15″ to 17″ dolls), sewing fairy outfits, and making new fairy patterns, I realized that my 1/3 scale BJDs have been somewhat neglected. Thus, I decided to spend some time on a new outfit for them. Quite a while ago, I bought some WONDERFUL rainbow colored crochet fabric! I’d never really seen anything quite like it, and knew instantly that it needed to be sewn into a groovy long sweater~coat. So, that’s what we have today! My model is sporting her new purple hip~hugger bell~bottoms, a wild print halter top, and her new favorite sweater! And of course, nothing says, “Comfort,” like some broke~in sneakers! This outfit will be available at my table at the Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Clackamas, OR on Saturday, August 20, 2016! Check out the site!


A Forest Walk ~ Sweet Summer Sunset

So, today I am excited to show the introductory piece for my Forest Walk Fairy Collection! This outfit is the completion of my earlier sketch inspired by our recent trip to California. The set consists of five pieces: the gown, two arm pieces, the leafy peplum belt, and a set of wings. All the dress pieces are hand beaded, and the wings are hand drawn & colored on clear acetate. The wings attach with a clear elastic band over the arms/shoulders. The peplum belt can also be worn as a sort of cape, depending on the weather. 🙂

Special Edition Paper Doll!

Good afternoon! Thank you for stopping by! Today I am offering one of my complimentary surprises. This is a Special Edition “A Forest Walk Collection” Paper Doll. This gown is from an earlier post, inspired by our trip to California. This doll will only be offered free here (see her on the Free Stuff page & download from the Ready To Print page) and on my facebook page. The fun part is that the doll is the same at both locations, but each site has a different gown. They are designed for legal size paper, so just “copy & paste” or “save as” to get your copy, then pop over to the other site for the additional gown, and print them out! I will periodically add more fashions for her, so stay tuned & happy coloring!

For the Gothic Gal

Today’s post will feature my newly completed “Coffin Case” Doll Trunk for 17″ to 19″ dolls. Of course, it was predominately designed for the Wilde Imagination ~ Evangeline & Friends dolls, as they are truly some of the coolest “Goth” beauties! The first one I did was in dark & light green marble coverings, but I was finally able to find a grey/black marble. I’ve mixed in some red floral for a bit of color. The case will hold two dolls comfortably, and has plenty of storage space for gowns, separates, and accessories. It only lacks the closet rods to be completed, but I wanted to enter a post before the end of the week. This particular case is in prep for the up coming August 20, 2016 Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Clackamas, OR. It will then be for sale. 🙂


Happy 4th of July Weekend, 2016!

Nothing like a holiday to get me motivated and moving! These past two weeks have seen good productivity. I am almost finished with two more custom order Barbie size doll trunks, and I have also finished a gown testing out my newest pattern. Whenever I make a new design, I try to make even the “first attempt” marketable. I am very pleased with this One of a Kind ~ “Little Hollywood Glamour,” modeled on my Full Moon Parnilla in a Gothic Mist wig. Wishing you a great Independence Day Weekend!

The zebra print trunk just needs the ties & closet rods. 🙂