A Bit of Fun!

OK ~ so, call me silly, but I’m excited about this post. I have another free item for you all! And yes, it’s another “click bait,” because you need to go over to my facebook page to get the other outfit (both are formatted to legal size paper). But THIS time, BOTH sets include WINGS! I got to thinking and surmised what some might have thought earlier, “If these are supposed to be fairy paper dolls, WHERE are the WINGS?!?!” Well, here they are. The other bit of fun about this post is that I have ANOTHER surprise ready, too! At the up-coming Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show, I will be giving away a FREE printed paper doll from this collection ~ “first come ~ first serve” ~ until they are all gone. The important thing about the printed doll is that she will have the same body as this web edition, and will also include a gown on the page with her. (That’s why there are two different designs on the tabs.) This means that for everyone who gets a doll at the show, they will also be able to go home and print out all four additional outfits, plus the doll in my earlier post!

I used to go to a monthly local vendor “Scrap Club” for scrap-booking. I always loved the cute little free items that were handed out to help inspire creativity, so that’s what I want to continue with my pages. I appreciate all my collector friends & clients, and this is a fun way to say, “Thank you!” You can check out the links below for the Portland Doll Show and my facebook page. Thanx for dropping by!

http://dolls4all.com/portland-or/             and            www.facebook.com/missysimaginings/

A Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Blossom Rose


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