Whew ~ “After Christmas Cool Down”

Good afternoon, Internet-Land! Here we are, two days after Christmas. I hope yours was great. We had such a good day. I have so much for which to be thankful. Most of all ~ my family. We spent the day at my parents’ home with children, siblings, nieces, nephews, and new extended family as all these kids are growing up & starting families of their own.

Yesterday I thought I’d give the Fall Fancy party dress pattern a try. I put together the American Model size. I must admit, I’m not too nice to myself, as it is probably the most difficult doll pattern I’ve ever sewed!!! It was kind of a pain figuring out how to have the over lapping sections of the bodice all fully lined, and yet fit together right. Finally, after removing several seams several times, I got it done. Not too bad for a first attempt at a new pattern. I think there might be a couple pieces I will “tweak” to get a more streamline look, but all in all, very happy with how it turned out. Thought you might like to see what it looks like when finished. Will chat again soon ~ bye!



Happy, Happy Christmas Gift 12!

Well, Internet-Land, we made it to Christmas! Here is lots of love and warm holiday greetings wishing you the very best. As planned, I do have one last gift for you. But before I post my gift, I would share about a better one. Now, I realize that this post may reach to places very far away and to people of every country and belief. It is not a requirement that any believe the same as me, but it is a requirement of my heart that I share it. I am writing of the greatest Gift ever given ~ that of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, Who came to Earth as a babe so long ago. He came to live a sinless life, to die in our place, and then to have victory over death by rising again on the third day, giving hope and salvation to any who will trust in Him. There it is in a nutshell. My life is so blessed. I have had my fair share of the ups and downs of life, but always with hope and grace provided by my Savior. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16  If you choose to believe in Him and trust in Him for this hope of Eternal Life, simply call out to Him in your own words. He WILL hear you! This gift far surpasses anything that I could ever possibly give, and God’s Love is what I would wish for you this Christmas.

Thank you for coming and allowing me to be myself as I share my heart. It has truly been such a joy to post these fun little projects for all who would like them. The last project for my “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” is a pattern set for the Tonner Tyler 16″ body style. the pages are formatted to 8.5×11 (letter) size paper, and some pieces will need to be put together before cutting your fabric. Wishing many blessings to you and yours ~ Happy, Happy Christmas!

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 1

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 2

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 3

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 4

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 5

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 6

Tyler Gown & Coat Set 7

Christmas Gift 11

Hello, hello, Internet-Land! Christmas is fast approaching, and here is surprise number eleven! Wow. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone as we’ve enjoyed this count down! Tonight’s gift is another pattern for the Wilde Imagination (Tonner) Evangeline. This was also a design drawn up for the Forest Walk Fairy Paper Doll Collection, and is called “Christmas Splendor.” It’s formatted to 8.5×14 inch (legal) size paper. Again ~ it’s brand new, so play with it a bit on some scrap fabric to make sure it fits the way you want. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Evangeline Christmas Splendor 1

Evangeline Christmas Splendor 2

Evangeline Christmas Splendor 3

Evangeline Christmas Splendor 4

Christmas Gift 10

Good morning, Internet-Land! Wow! I’m actually a day early! Better enjoy it, as it probably won’t happen again. hee hee hee! I wanted to get this done & posted, as Holiday plans will begin to fill  my time. Today’s gift is a pattern for the Wilde Imagination Evangeline doll. It is called “Soft Whispers” and is drawn from my Forest Walk Fairy Paper Doll Collection. This collection has a combination of looks that are in a printed book (shown on my “Stuff to Buy” tab) as well as several fashions that were posted on the blog as “fun freebies” that can still be found on my “Free Stuff” tab. These pages are formatted to 8.5×14 inch paper. Enjoy!

Evie Soft Whispers Pattern 1

Evie Soft Whispers Pattern 2

Christmas Gift 9

Here it is, Internet-Land ~ Gift number 9! This is the companion for the Gingerbread Boy that was posted as Gift 5 on December 15. Now you will be able to have a “sweet” set! I hope your week is going well as we count down to Christmas. I sure am enjoying these days. It has been so much fun to pop in every other day or so with a new surprise. I hope it has been fun for you as well!

Gingerbread Girl 1

Gingerbread Girl 2

Christmas Gift 8

Happy Sunday, Internet-Land! So, I think the “Twelve Days of Christmas” are supposed to be twelve in a row, but I’m on goal! I wanted to have all twelve surprises posted for you by Christmas, and so far – so good! Today’s gift is another size of the Fall Fancy Party Dress Pattern. This one is sized for the Tonner American Model 22″ doll. Once again, this is brand new, so try it first on some scrap fabric to make sure your seam allowances are ok for sizing. I actually bought some adorable fabric to maybe try this while my hand is healing from surgery. If I can get it done, I’ll be sure to post pics after Christmas. These pages are formatted to 8.5×14 inches. Wishing you a marvelous evening!

American Model Fall Fancy 1

American Model Fall Fancy 2

American Model Fall Fancy 3


Christmas Gift 7

Happy Saturday, Internet Land! Today we have a brand new set of paper doll friends. I am happy to introduce Lavender & Nanette. These gals are ready to enjoy all the holiday splendor! Just “save as” to put into your favorite application, so you can color, cut, & play! Print over and over again to compare these gowns in all your favorite colors!

Lavender & Nanette 1

Lavender & Nanette 2


Christmas Gift 6

Look out, Internet-Land, I’m on a roll! The next item for you is a new set for the El paper doll collection. Here is a trio of winter outfits to help celebrate the season. For those who might be visiting for the first time, I will also repost the doll. All her other outfits (along with lots of other fun freebies) can be found by going to my “Free Stuff” tab. Just double-click on the item/s of choice & select “save as” to download into your favorite application for printing. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday! Blessings!

El BJD Paper Doll 15

El BJD Paper Doll 1

Christmas Gift 5

Good Morning, Internet-Land! So, my second hand surgery went well yesterday, and now it just needs time to heal. As I recuperate, I am pleased to bring Christmas Gift 5 ~ a color-cut-and-glue Gingerbread Man Christmas craft! The arms & legs can be attached with glue, or as I prefer, metal brads that allow them to move. It’s perfect for all the wonderful children in your life, and maybe some of us “bigger” children as well! Enjoy!

Christmas Gift 4

Happy Saturday, Internet-Land! Today I have another surprise for you. I recently enjoyed the arrival of an American Model sized doll by Tonner Doll Company. As she is my first doll of this size/figure, I have no clothing for her. So, it was time to start drafting another set of basic pattern pieces, and these I am sharing with you! Remember ~ these are drafted directly from the doll, so are a VERY CLOSE fit, ready to be made into your own fantastic look. The pieces have NO OVERLAY for snaps/buttons, so you can add that as your look dictates. (Pattern images will be posted at the end of this post.)

I did have someone ask about how I made the patterns, so here are some pics for a quick review. I first wrap the doll snugly with plastic kitchen wrap. Then I completely cover the wrap with adhesive tape. I prefer the kind that’s labeled “invisible,” as its frosted surface is easier to see when covering, and also easier to mark. However, I was out of that kind today, so had to use the more difficult kind that’s completely clear & harder to see on the wrap. I also placed a bundle of scrap between the doll’s ankles at one point to make sure the wrap didn’t pinch the legs together too tightly. Once she was covered, I marked the lines for common pattern seams, then carefully cut on those lines. Next, I remove any loose layers of the wrap. The pieces are then placed onto paper & traced around, smoothing out the lines & adding seam allowances.

These pages are 8.5×14 inch (legal) size. Also, feel free to pop over to my “Free Stuff” page to find more free patterns, paper doll sets, and other coloring crafts! Enjoy & have fun on the way to Christmas!

American Model Basic Pattern A

American Model Basic Pattern B

American Model Basic Pattern C

American Model Basic Pattern D

American Model Basic Pattern E