Christmas Gift 8

Happy Sunday, Internet-Land! So, I think the “Twelve Days of Christmas” are supposed to be twelve in a row, but I’m on goal! I wanted to have all twelve surprises posted for you by Christmas, and so far – so good! Today’s gift is another size of the Fall Fancy Party Dress Pattern. This one is sized for the Tonner American Model 22″ doll. Once again, this is brand new, so try it first on some scrap fabric to make sure your seam allowances are ok for sizing. I actually bought some adorable fabric to maybe try this while my hand is healing from surgery. If I can get it done, I’ll be sure to post pics after Christmas. These pages are formatted to 8.5×14 inches. Wishing you a marvelous evening!

American Model Fall Fancy 1

American Model Fall Fancy 2

American Model Fall Fancy 3



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