Sewing an SD BJD Bustier

Good evening & happy Saturday, Internet~Land! This afternoon, I have a new video ready for you. It’s been a little while since we sewed together, so grab a coffee, tea, or juice and sit back for a spell. I had a question regarding the assembly of the HuaRong SD Basic Set Bustier pieces, so that’s our project for today. If you scroll down through the last few posts, you should come across the links to the patterns mentioned in the video. You can also see the images on the Free Stuff page and then access them from a list on the Ready To Print page. Just use the menu at the top of my site to go to the desired page/s. Enjoy & happy sewing!

….now I’ll finish putting up blue Christmas lights in my room!


SNIPPET – Light Table Plans

Howdy, Internet~Land! I know you’ll be surprised at a second post in the same weekend, but my next couple weeks might be pretty full. I’ve had quite a few comments asking about my light table, so I thought I’d share the measurements in case you might like to try building your own. They’re shown in a photo below the video link. In the video, I also share a couple other options for light table designs. Enjoy & happy creating!

One of My Favorite Patterns

Greetings, Internet~Land! I’m still using my shorter breaks for some extra rest, but wanted to have something to share with you. This weekend, I decided to prepare and post one of my older pattern sets. I’ve always loved the way this one turned out. It’s a GIANT set with seven different pieces of clothing, so you’ll have lots of options for customizing your own looks. I adjusted the pieces to allow more room in the hips & bust for my new HuaRong, so just compare the piece measurements to your own dolls when getting ready to cut your fabrics. Come along in the video as I get the pattern ready!

SNIPPET BJD Stringing Video and a Pattern

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! I hope you’re having a good weekend … or week ~ whatever day it might be for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday. I was able to take a BUNCH of old, dead electronics to the recycling center, pay my house payment, restock the cat food, buy the complete series DVD set of Quantum Leap, and spend the day (& have lunch) with my mom! All in all, a very enjoyable day! After Mom headed home, I edited my new video and finished preparing the new pattern set for today. Now I can sleep well knowing I got a lot accomplished.

YouTube has lots and lots of BJD stringing videos, but I kinda do it a little differently. I like to keep all the elastic knots in the torso rather than in the head. This makes it easier for me to reposition or change out eyes because the head is no longer filled with knots and excess cord. I found that if I want to tighten the elastic, I usually ended up taking the doll all apart anyway, so this method suits my purposes. I hope it’s helpful.

The new pattern set is a Kimono Set for my new Angell Studio HuaRong. Since her figure is fuller and more defined than my other 1/3 scale gals, I needed to make a new dress bodice that would fit her waist and hips. I’m not sure, but it may also work for the curvier Ipplehouse girls. As always, lots of love, and Happy Sewing!