A Perfect Find!

While searching online, I was able to find the PERFECT fabric to make my new table skirting for the Doll Shows! I found an Etsy store called CarolinaCottonCo. They have beautiful fabrics, good prices, and ULTRA-FAST shipping! I received my order in just two days from date of payment! This lovely Hydrangea fabric is exactly what I wanted to match my blog, facebook page, business cards, and price tags! So exciting! Will post pictures when I get the skirting all done. 😀

My Table Skirt Fabric!


A Fun Trip!

What a fun trip! While driving the California freeways, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. On the whole, though driving MUCH faster than normal for me, people were very courteous. I found there was always room allowed for me to make possible quick changes due to new navigational info from my daughter (even in Hollywood!). We were able to arrive at all our destinations safely & without incident. Somehow we always seemed to end up exactly where we needed to be, despite making wrong turns! I think the Lord may have had some “bumper angels” in place for us! 🙂

It was fun to see all the palm trees. My daughter absolutely LOVES them! That provided inspiration for a new “look” to add to my “Forest Walk” fairy collection. It will most likely be sewn for the Tonner Evangeline size doll. I’m not yet sure if this look will have wings. This may even be the first dress I put together from the collection. I will enjoy looking for just the right fabrics to make it come to life. As this was inspired by our vacation, it will not be in the paper doll book, but will be a special limited edition item. With that, I happily introduce “Sweet Summer Sunset.”



Yes! This weekend we are heading out for a road trip! It will be a fun time for the “fam,” and I will be watching for new inspirations. When we get back, I will start sewing a new project ~ a San Fransico Giant’s baseball uniform for the Tonner Matt body style. Stay tuned for finished pics and have a great week!


Captain Hook!

I always enjoy getting project requests from collectors. Since I teach full time, sometimes those projects take a while to complete. A while back I was asked if I could come up with a pirate outfit to look like Captain Hook from the TV show, “Once Upon a Time.” Well, I’m pleased to have this one complete. While looking online, I saw that this particular villainous hero sports a couple different looks. So, of course, I had to try both! The first is a “leather” tunic style vest over a black pirate shirt with “leather” pants. The second switches out the tunic for a dress vest and a long black coat with velvet cuffs. All three pieces show off lots of buttons, so I had my work cut out for me! Maybe sometime in the next couple weeks I will try my hand at boots, but for now, black stockings & buckled black shoes will have to do. And last, but not least for this fella, is his hook! All are modeled on my handsome David Tennant sculpt Tonner “Doctor Who” doll. Enjoy!