Two New Basic Patterns for Tonner Fellas

Greetings & salutations, Internet~Land! Here’s sending love, prayers, and good karma for your week to improve continually. In the midst of all the craziness in the world, I would never be foolish enough to think everyone is doing great, or can begin doing so with just a word, but I do believe that good words can mean a lot and can give encouragement to keep on keepin’ on! So, in the spirit of making things better a little bit at a time, I have TWO new Basic Pattern Sets for you. A lovely member of our happy internet community was asking me about patterns for the Iplehouse FID male BJDs. As I don’t have any of those fellas, I took a look at who I do have, and those are three of the Tonner/Wilde Imagination male body types. I have the Matt body, the Peter/Mortimer body, and the Super Hero body. I have put together a stats chart so you can compare the sizes of these to any guys you might have and see if they might be similar. I already have several patterns posted for Matt, but not the other two, so today we’re changing that.

I will link info for you in the following order: 1st ~ the size/measurements comparison chart; 2nd ~ the new video link; 3rd ~ the PDF links to the two new patterns; 4th ~ the images of the new pattern sets, so you can see the pieces included. And there you go! I hope you can find some joy and a bit of relaxation this week. Happy creating!


Making a Pattern More Versatile

Good morning, Internet~Land! I hope your February is going well. We are still very busy, and I am looking forward to a much needed vacation! In the meantime, I thought I would spend some time changing up a pattern and showing a simple trick to use it for multiple SD dolls. I started with the triple pleated pants from the Tartan Pattern Set. You can scroll down through the posts to find it ~ #12 of the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas 2020.” I wanted to add both length and width to the legs. Then when we sew the pants, I will show how you can adjust them to fit dolls other than the Resinsoul Long. Now all your SD fellas can have a good pair of pants with a minimal amount of work adjusting patterns. For your MSD guys, you can grab a Tonner Matt pants pattern from the Ready To Print page and use the same process to correctly fit them to your own dolls. Enjoy & Happy Sewing!

A Cozy Coat for a Rainy Day

Greetings and warmest wishes, Internet~Land! I hope you are well here in the beginning of February. I am continuing to plug right along. Work has been very, VERY BUSY, so I have tried to make the most of my shorter weekends with added rest. Last week, however, I decided to be a bit more productive. A while back I was doodling some new designs, and sketched out a cute little coat with lots of gathers. Next, I set to work to draw out the pattern pieces. Using my break times at work, I got everything cut out so I could sew it together for you. I’m very happy with the results!

Then came the job of putting all the video footage together and getting it edited ~ you know, taking out all my bloopers and such. All was going well until the video failed to render. Evidently, there was some kind of corruption in the Intro video file. Oh, bother. Well, it took a few extra days to get it done, but now I have the tutorial ready to go with this pattern. I hope your dollies will enjoy wearing a new winter look!