Two New Basic Patterns for Tonner Fellas

Greetings & salutations, Internet~Land! Here’s sending love, prayers, and good karma for your week to improve continually. In the midst of all the craziness in the world, I would never be foolish enough to think everyone is doing great, or can begin doing so with just a word, but I do believe that good words can mean a lot and can give encouragement to keep on keepin’ on! So, in the spirit of making things better a little bit at a time, I have TWO new Basic Pattern Sets for you. A lovely member of our happy internet community was asking me about patterns for the Iplehouse FID male BJDs. As I don’t have any of those fellas, I took a look at who I do have, and those are three of the Tonner/Wilde Imagination male body types. I have the Matt body, the Peter/Mortimer body, and the Super Hero body. I have put together a stats chart so you can compare the sizes of these to any guys you might have and see if they might be similar. I already have several patterns posted for Matt, but not the other two, so today we’re changing that.

I will link info for you in the following order: 1st ~ the size/measurements comparison chart; 2nd ~ the new video link; 3rd ~ the PDF links to the two new patterns; 4th ~ the images of the new pattern sets, so you can see the pieces included. And there you go! I hope you can find some joy and a bit of relaxation this week. Happy creating!


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