Sewing the Suit Coat for Doctor Who BJD

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope your Christmas & Holiday Season has been joyful! I am so blessed ~ my daughters spoiled me this year with so much fun! I shared some of their gifts in my newest video. Other items included Sherlock DVD sets, dolly accessories, a Dumbledore doll by Mattel, and more products for my 2019 Happy Planner! As shown in the video, I also received an order from Mirodoll that includes a 60cm male body and a 1/4 scale girl “Candy” head/body set. I have so many fun things to do this coming year. Now I just need to schedule time to get them all done! One of the first things on my “To Do List” is finishing up my Doctor Who outfit. So ~ this week I am working on his suit coat. I had some challenges with this project, so in the video, I have added extra notes in the places where I needed to make changes to the process. This way, you can see what I originally tried, as well as how I will change it next time. Many of you who are master sewers will spot my errors immediately, I’m sure, but for many of us ~ we can hopefully learn from my mistakes! I have removed the original pattern and reposted the REVISED version in its place (both in the original post and on the “Ready To Print” page). I will repost the link to the REVISED PDF here as well. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!!!

REVISED – BJD 70cm Male Suit Coat


DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #12

Happy, Happy Christmas, Internet~Land! I hope you have had a day full of joy and relaxation! Our holiday was so lovely. We started with a visit to my parents’ home, then went on to a yummy brunch with all the fun of a gift exchange. It was so good to just visit and spend time with family. We are so very, very blessed. While at my sister’s, I was able to finish up Gift #12 to complete the series for this year. Today’s pattern was designed for the Tonner Tyler doll, but can fit a wide range of 16″ (1/4 scale) dolls. I have also included a simple pattern for a set of leggings as well as a basic T-shirt. Wishing you a wonderful week with lots of happy sewing!

Tyler Fashion Coat Set

Tyler Fashion Coat Set

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #11

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are having a splendid day. It’s pretty quiet here. We’re just lounging around in our pajamas feeling all cozy. Our holiday festivities will occur tomorrow, so today I am finishing up these gifts for you along with a couple sewing projects. It’s nice to have almost everything done, so today I can just relax and work at a pleasant pace. Today’s gift is a pattern set for Ellowyne Wilde and similarly sized MSD BJDs. It could also work for other 16″ fashion dolls (like Tyler or Gene), but you may need to tweak it a bit to work through the bust line. The basic sheath style dress was intentionally designed with fuller hips to fit dolls like the Fairyland MiniFees, so it should be able to fit a wide range of body designs. Enjoy and Happy Christmas Eve!

Ellowyne BJD MSD Flared Coat Set

Ellowyne Flared Coat

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #10

Hello and Happy Friday, Internet~Land! I have some new outfits for the Jeri Paper Doll Set as Gift #10. Last night we went to see the new “Mary Poppins Returns.” I’m SUCH a big softy when it comes to all things nostalgic. I know many will think I’m extremely sappy, and I’d have to say I quite agree! I absolutely LOVED it! So, to celebrate my continual inner child, I bring three Poppins inspired outfits along with hats, as well as a couple pair of Christmas PJs. The PDF link below has been updated to include the new designs. On a more somber note, I’m not sure when I will be able to post the last two gifts (though be sure they WILL be posted). We have a family gathering due to the loss of a loved one, so my weekend schedule will be rearranged slightly. Wishing lots of love and Christmas joy to you all ~ I will post again soon!

Jeri Paper Doll

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #9

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, friends in Internet~Land! So far, mine has been good, but I’ll admit ~ I’m very tired. Have I actually ever mentioned what I do at work? I can’t remember. Well, I sew upholstery for dental furniture ~ long hours at large industrial sewing machines. I’m very thankful to work at a great place that truly values those who work there. Still, it’s good when I can get myself to bed at an early hour, as my mornings come earlier, still! So ~ before I lay down my sleepy head, I wanted to post today’s Christmas gift. This is another one for the youngsters … or those young at heart! Just click on the Christmas Bear link (underlined) below to open the PDF for saving or printing. I hope the rest of your week is truly lovely!

Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #8

Hello, Hello, Internet~Land! It’s time for another Christmas surprise. Tonight’s gift is a new set of outfits for the Jeri Paper Doll Set. Now she will be ready to hit the malls in style! My video link below shows the “markers in action” and gives some sneak peaks to video ideas that will be coming soon. Wishing you an awesome week!

Jeri Paper Doll

Jeri Overview

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #7

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Today’s gift is in response to a request. The new Annora resin BJD by Phyn & Aero is so lovely, but still does not have many fashion choices. I decided to make one of my El Paper Doll gowns into a real pattern for Annora. This couture look was designed from the Basic Pattern Set drafted directly from that doll. When finished, it is a four piece outfit consisting of: 1. Top Dress of sheer fabric with a lined bodice and skirted flounce, and lace embellishments, 2. Decorative Skirt to hang directly underneath the top, 3. Full length Under Skirt, and 4. Tulled Pettycoat. The Basic Set used for drafting can be viewed on my “Free Stuff” page, and that pattern is also available on the “Ready To Print” page as a PDF download. Just click & print!


Annora Couture Gown Pattern


DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #6

Happy December 12th, Internet~Land! Today was a very productive day at both work and home. At my job, I was working on standardized work instructions and some documents for a training program we’re drafting. During my breaks, I finished up another surprise for the blog! Today’s gift is none other than Doctor Who’s Suit Coat! So far on my YouTube channel, missysimaginings (what else, right?), we’ve sewn the Doctor’s shirt, pants, vest, shoes, and wig. Now it’s time to finish up his look with the last item for his three-piece-suit. Enjoy, and Happy Christmas!

REVISED – BJD 70cm Male Suit Coat


DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #4

Happy Sunday, Internet~Land! Tonight we have another new pattern for you! If Santa’s helpers are going to be putting in overtime at the Workshop, they’ll need some new overalls to stay comfortable and functional! Yep ~ it’s a BJD SD Female pattern for some bib-overalls and a button up shirt! Feel free to enlarge or reduce the size according to your needs. The PDF file will be posted both here (after the video link) and on the “Ready To Print” page. The video this week is sewing together the Christmas Splendor pattern for Evangeline and 50cm Obitsu (also available on the “Ready To Print” page). Enjoy and have a very happy week!

BJD SD Overalls-Top Pattern

BJD SD Overalls Set