DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #9

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, friends in Internet~Land! So far, mine has been good, but I’ll admit ~ I’m very tired. Have I actually ever mentioned what I do at work? I can’t remember. Well, I sew upholstery for dental furniture ~ long hours at large industrial sewing machines. I’m very thankful to work at a great place that truly values those who work there. Still, it’s good when I can get myself to bed at an early hour, as my mornings come earlier, still! So ~ before I lay down my sleepy head, I wanted to post today’s Christmas gift. This is another one for the youngsters … or those young at heart! Just click on the Christmas Bear link (underlined) below to open the PDF for saving or printing. I hope the rest of your week is truly lovely!

Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear


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