Basic Sets for 11 Inch Dolls

Hello, Internet~Land! In view of the 2020 Grammys’ Award night, I have a new pattern set that would seem to match the occasion! I’ve had several requests for Barbie size patterns, so here is a combo set of Basic Pieces for the Mattel Curvy Made-To-Move Barbie and the new line of BTS fellas. Given that BTS is performing tonight at the Grammy show, and it’s an evening of music and dance, this pattern set is a perfect fit for tonight’s post. I do not currently have the slimmer figured Made-To-Move girl, but will add a Basic Set if/when she is added to my clan. I’m also thinking of making a Basic Set for the Doctor Who doll I got for Christmas. Perhaps I will make those together. For the present, however, I’m hoping this set will be helpful, as these two particular body styles don’t seem to have that many patterns or clothing options available yet. Enjoy!

11 Inch Articulated – Basic Sets REVISED

11 Inch Articulated Curvy & BTS - Basic Set


A Feathery Surprise

Greetings, my friends in Internet~Land! I hope you are well and thriving in this new year! I have embarked on a very detailed project to begin my new century, and it may just take the entire century to complete it … but I hope for the best! I have started on the peacock gown for my new BLUE MiroDoll 70cm Iris. I’ll add a photo below of the work thus far on the first sleeve. As I mention in an up-coming video (which I will link when posted), I will have a total of 14 or 15 pieces that need to be beaded on the overlay part of the gown. I wanted a new project that would be challenging and fun, so I hope it turns out to be as lovely in “real life” as it is in my head. So far, I’m very pleased.


To accompany this formal gown, I thought it would be fun to have a casual, every-day look that would come from the same inspiration. That is the pattern I am posting today. It will fit the same doll, but have more of a flirty vibe to it. I envision the set to include black lace leggings and black lace long sleeves on the dress. I’m not entirely sure why I sew with so much black. … I suppose I must attribute it to the fact that I am of “Winter” coloring, and absolutely love bright jewel colors contrasted with black. In any event, I have the pattern ready, and hope you find it useful in your creative ventures!

MiroDoll 70cm Peacock Dress-Vest-Set

Update for the Male BJD Pleated Shirt

Greetings! Well, after sewing the pleated shirt and finding how small it turned out to be, I have altered & enlarged it for my bigger MiroDoll 66cm guy. I updated the older post and patterns to reflect the smaller fit, and am now posting the REVISED “Jin” Pleated Shirt Pattern & image. Now you should be able to still follow the steps in the video (linked in the previous post), but end up with a larger shirt. When I come across difficulties in my projects, I like to let you know about them and then share my second attempts! Enjoy!

REVISED Miro66cm Jin Shirt

REVISED Jin Shirt - Miro 66

Start 2020 with Sewing!

Happy New Year, Internet~Land! Well, for this post, I “put my money where my mouth is.” I have the new outfit finished from The Twelve Gifts of Christmas, and have finished the video for the pleated top. The pattern view & free PDF are already posted on the Free Stuff & Ready To Print pages. Next, I want to try my hand at making some wing-tip shoes. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress. In the  meantime ~ here is how to put together the shirt. Happy Sewing!