Basic Sets for 11 Inch Dolls

Hello, Internet~Land! In view of the 2020 Grammys’ Award night, I have a new pattern set that would seem to match the occasion! I’ve had several requests for Barbie size patterns, so here is a combo set of Basic Pieces for the Mattel Curvy Made-To-Move Barbie and the new line of BTS fellas. Given that BTS is performing tonight at the Grammy show, and it’s an evening of music and dance, this pattern set is a perfect fit for tonight’s post. I do not currently have the slimmer figured Made-To-Move girl, but will add a Basic Set if/when she is added to my clan. I’m also thinking of making a Basic Set for the Doctor Who doll I got for Christmas. Perhaps I will make those together. For the present, however, I’m hoping this set will be helpful, as these two particular body styles don’t seem to have that many patterns or clothing options available yet. Enjoy!

11 Inch Articulated – Basic Sets REVISED

11 Inch Articulated Curvy & BTS - Basic Set

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