Making a T-Shirt Pattern for Mortimer

Good evening, Internet-Land. Still fighting a really bad virus has kept me stuck at home. As I’ve been going through my files and updating the site, I noticed I had all the photos done for a tutorial I NEVER posted! So, tonight’s the night. This will be pretty simple, but will hopefully inspire you to move forward with more great creations of your own. I don’t actually have a model of Mortimer, but I do have Peter Pevensie, who has the same body. He’s just not quite as popular as Mort. This pattern can also be used for 45-55cm BJDs. So, let’s start with what you need:


Gather these items: Your doll,  measuring tape, pencil & eraser, paper (I like to use graph paper when making a pattern with this method.), and scissors.


First, you’ll need to measure your doll. Take measurements for the center front and back from the base of the neck to the length you want your shirt. Also measure the widest girth around the chest.

Then measure from the top edge of the shoulder down the front and down the outside of the sleeve. Sleeve measurement can be for long or short sleeve, but in this tutorial we will be making a short sleeve.

Now with your measurements, you are ready to start drawing your pieces. I always work out from the center. Draw a 9″ center front line down the page. Make a mark 7″ up from the hem. This will be the front of the neckline. Measure 2.75″ inches out to the side, and draw a line parallel to the center line. This is the side seam. The next part may sound a little tricky, but it’s not that bad. On your side seam line, measure up from the hem using the shoulder measurement. Draw a 1 5/8″ perpendicular line back towards the center line. I used graph paper, so just followed that point back to the center. Then I marked down the side .25″ from that line to create a sloped shoulder line. Once that was done, I drew a 2″ curved neckline from the center front mark to the top of the shoulder as shown. Don’t forget to add .25″ to the neck, shoulder, side, and hem for a seam allowance. Fold the paper on the center, and cut out your front piece.

Now you will keep this folded front and use it as a guide to make the back piece. On a new sheet of paper, make another line down the page that will be the center back. Be sure to allow room for a seam allowance down the center back, as the center back will have a seam. Trace all around the front, then raise the neckline as shown. When you cut the back, you will cut it as half of the back, and will use two pieces for sewing. I also show where I mark the pattern back to show how far up the sewn seam will go from the hemline. This allows for a wider head opening (which is especially helpful if making for a BJD, since they can often have larger heads).

Next is the sleeve. Again, I start with a center line for the sleeve, marking the finished length. The widest part of the sleeve is 2.5″ from the center. The hemline is 2.25″ from the center. The 2″ diagonal line from the underarm to the hem keeps a more natural looking sleeve that does not flare way out at the hem when finished. Then I make a gentle curve from the underarm point to the top of the shoulder point. This measures 3″.  Be sure to once again add .25″ seam allowance to all the outside edges as shown. Now, fold on the center line and cut out your sleeve.


The final piece you will need to make is the collar for the neckline. Make a rectangle that is 1.25″x7.” You will cut one front, one collar, two backs, and two sleeves. All your finished pieces will look like this:


And there you have it. You’ve just made a T-shirt pattern for your Mortimer/Peter Pevensie doll! I will be adding this new pattern set image to my Free Stuff page and a pdf version to my Ready To Print page. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial ~ thanks for coming!



Easy Access!

Hello, hello, Internet-Land. This has been an interesting weekend. I started to come down with a really icky virus on Thursday. It just kept getting worse and worse. Friday it hit without mercy! As I was lying around trying to breathe, I was also thinking, “What can I do for the blog today? I feel so bad; I can’t really create right now.” Then it occurred to me – why not revamp something I’ve already done to make things easier for the wonderful people who visit my site? So, that’s what I did. I have added a new page to my site called, “Ready To Print.” Right now, the page has all my sewing patterns in pdf file collections. Each file holds a complete pattern set. I will continue to work on the conversions, adding the paper dolls and coloring crafts. I will leave the “Free Stuff” page, because it shows all the images. You can look for what you want, then just pop over to “Ready To Print” for an easy download! Enjoy!

Daylight Shimmer Doll Pattern

Good evening, Internet-Land. I hope this post finds you well and happy. Tonight I have a new dolly sewing pattern for you. This was drafted to fit the Wilde Imagination Evangeline, but I was tickled to find that it can also fit the Phyn & Aero Annora, though a little long in the pants. It’s actually designed to have two layers of chiffon for the neck yoke and as the drape part of the top, but to my dismay, I didn’t have any on hand. Thus, the use of the sequined fabric in the photos. This pattern will be available for free through the end of this month (February 2018). After that, it will be available by purchase only, so don’t miss out! 🙂

Hello Again

Greetings to you, Internet-Land. Well, I must say, after some difficult weeks, it is good to be posting again. Today will probably be shorter, but I do have some fun news, as well as a new set of El paper doll outfits. First ~ the news ~ a friend of mine has just purchased a building, “lock, stock, & barrel.” And what do you suppose was IN the building??? Sewing machines! Lots and LOTS of SEWING MACHINES!!! Today I was so happy to become the owner of a 1940 Vintage Singer 201 electric machine (which sews great!), as well as a Brother industrial machine ~ complete with table, foot pedal, knee lift, spool stand, and an extra motor. I’m so excited! (I did not purchase the blue machine that is also on the table with the industrial machine, but who knows ~ tomorrow is a new day!) I will also post a link to the facebook page with info about the liquidation sale after the photos. As always, I hope your weekend is filled with joy! Enjoy the pictures, and I’ll post again soon. Bye!

And here are some new looks for El ~ Go to my “Free Stuff” page for the doll & more!

El BJD Paper Doll 16