Hello Again

Greetings to you, Internet-Land. Well, I must say, after some difficult weeks, it is good to be posting again. Today will probably be shorter, but I do have some fun news, as well as a new set of El paper doll outfits. First ~ the news ~ a friend of mine has just purchased a building, “lock, stock, & barrel.” And what do you suppose was IN the building??? Sewing machines! Lots and LOTS of SEWING MACHINES!!! Today I was so happy to become the owner of a 1940 Vintage Singer 201 electric machine (which sews great!), as well as a Brother industrial machine ~ complete with table, foot pedal, knee lift, spool stand, and an extra motor. I’m so excited! (I did not purchase the blue machine that is also on the table with the industrial machine, but who knows ~ tomorrow is a new day!) I will also post a link to the facebook page with info about the liquidation sale after the photos. As always, I hope your weekend is filled with joy! Enjoy the pictures, and I’ll post again soon. Bye!


And here are some new looks for El ~ Go to my “Free Stuff” page for the doll & more!

El BJD Paper Doll 16


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