2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #2

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! I’m so excited about this gift! As I mentioned in the last post, I was intrigued about the look that Jin (of BTS) was wearing in one of their videos. That inspired me to try to make the pleated pants he was wearing for my new 66cm MiroDoll male body. Well, once the pants were done, i just knew I needed to make the pleated shirt to go with it! However, this pattern was not as easy to make. I drew several drafts, as well as took time to actually pleat some fabric to make sure the pieces would actually look the way I wished. I think I now have the pieces as I want them, so am now ready to share! Here are a couple photos of the actual garments:

And here is a link to the pattern with a photo of the pieces below. Enjoy!!!

Jin Shirt for 66cm Male

Jin Shirt Pattern

2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #1

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! It’s that time of year again ~ time for lots of surprises! Today’s post will kick off December with Gift #1, a free Pleated Pants Pattern for a 66cm male BJD. We have both a video showing the drafting process and a completed pattern that’s ready for you to print and use. I was going to try to get this all done by November 30, but didn’t quite make it ~ so, hey! I’m starting off strong! I hope you all are ready for a fun holiday ride this month as we get ready to post the way to Christmas! Enjoy!

MiroDoll 66cm Male Pleated Pants