2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #9 & #10

Greetings, Internet~Land. Sorry for the confusion on the Blog title last time. I’ve corrected it to read “Gift #8.” NOW we’re at #9 … and #10! Whew! Making these gifts is such a fun whirlwind for me. I’ve been working on these during my break times at work, so that helps a bit. Once we get home from work, I’m usually pretty bushed ~ not really in a good head space to be creative ~ just ready for sleep. Since I’m used to getting up early, however, I was up at 3:00am this morning and just decided to stay up and get these finished. Today’s gifts are another outfit for the Ella jointed BJD Paper Doll and a new Cloak Style Coat Pattern for a 1/3 scale SD size Female BJD. Since this is a very loose fitting coat, it should work for any size or body shape of doll of that scale. It’s getting so close to Christmas, I wanted to include as many gals as I could in this pattern design. I’ll post a picture & the PDF link of the paper doll first, and then the pattern will be below it. The Ella Flex paper doll PDF file has been updated to include the new page. Wow ~ only two more to go! I can’t believe it’s already this close to Christmas Day! Until next time ~ Happy Sewing/Coloring and Happy Holidays!

Ella Flex

Ella Flex 4

BJD SD Cloak Style Coat

BJD SD Cloak-Coat


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