2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #12

Happy, Happy Christmas, Internet~Land! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have only 40 minutes left until it is officially Christmas Day. I am very pleased to be posting Gift #12 right on time. I was going to post a long dressy suit coat for my MiroDoll 66cm fella (and I actually have the pattern ready), but something in my brain shifted, and I changed my mind. Instead, I am posting a Cloak Style Coat/Robe with a detachable capelet for the Tonner/Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly. I have been wanting to make her another pattern, so tonight I present it to the world. It may fit other dolls that are similar in size, such as the 50cm Obitsu, though the sleeves may need to be lengthened. I’ve often wondered if the Evangeline Ghastly might be similar to a 1/4 scale Doll Chateau BJD? Perhaps someone who knows both dolls can leave a comment. In any event, the pattern is ready for you, and I hope you all have a very joyous Christmas! Much love ~ missy

Evie Cloak Coat Set

Evie Cloak Coat Set


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