2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #6 & #7

Happy Holiday Greetings, Internet~Land! Today you get two-for-one! I needed to catch up on #6, but I’ll be busy on the 14th, so needed to get #7 posted early. It’s ok, though, because these two patterns can kinda go together. They are Basic Set patterns for the Tonner Antoinette and Tyler body styles. As I was going through my patterns, I discovered I had never made basic sets for these gals! Since I’m sure many of you have these models, I thought these sets may be beneficial for you. Remember ~ the Basic Sets are drafted directly from the body of the chosen doll and are intended to be a tool as you create your own unique looks. Any special modifications such as an open fly, a pointed or rounded collar, cuffed sleeves, etc. will be up to you to add as the designer. If you were to actually sew these pieces, you would just end up with a tight bodysuit! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of happy sewing!

Antoinette Basic Set                          Tyler Basic Set

Antoinette Basic Set

Tyler Basic Set


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