DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #11

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are having a splendid day. It’s pretty quiet here. We’re just lounging around in our pajamas feeling all cozy. Our holiday festivities will occur tomorrow, so today I am finishing up these gifts for you along with a couple sewing projects. It’s nice to have almost everything done, so today I can just relax and work at a pleasant pace. Today’s gift is a pattern set for Ellowyne Wilde and similarly sized MSD BJDs. It could also work for other 16″ fashion dolls (like Tyler or Gene), but you may need to tweak it a bit to work through the bust line. The basic sheath style dress was intentionally designed with fuller hips to fit dolls like the Fairyland MiniFees, so it should be able to fit a wide range of body designs. Enjoy and Happy Christmas Eve!

Ellowyne BJD MSD Flared Coat Set

Ellowyne Flared Coat


4 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #11

      • Laura Haas says:

        I love this pattern! It’s so pretty.
        But I am having trouble navigating it a little bit. I know the stars mark which sides get sewn together, but for some reason, my little mock up has turned out huge for my Minifee 😆

        May I request a brief video tutorial sometime in the future for this lovely garment??

        Thank you so much for making so many patterns free for people to use!


      • missysimaginings says:

        My pleasure ~ thanks for your note! This pattern was drafted for the Tonner/Wilde Imagination Ellowyne (shown wearing outfit). She’s 16″ tall, so a bit bigger than a MiniFee. The coat was also designed to have room for wearing over other garments. I would recommend taking a 3/8″ seam allowance in the areas you’d like to tighten up, and then ease back to 1/4″ seam allowance where you’d like the looseness to remain. I’ve been thinking of featuring the MSD size for a video in the near future, so this little coat might be the perfect choice!


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