Christmas Gift 4

Happy Saturday, Internet-Land! Today I have another surprise for you. I recently enjoyed the arrival of an American Model sized doll by Tonner Doll Company. As she is my first doll of this size/figure, I have no clothing for her. So, it was time to start drafting another set of basic pattern pieces, and these I am sharing with you! Remember ~ these are drafted directly from the doll, so are a VERY CLOSE fit, ready to be made into your own fantastic look. The pieces have NO OVERLAY for snaps/buttons, so you can add that as your look dictates. (Pattern images will be posted at the end of this post.)

I did have someone ask about how I made the patterns, so here are some pics for a quick review. I first wrap the doll snugly with plastic kitchen wrap. Then I completely cover the wrap with adhesive tape. I prefer the kind that’s labeled “invisible,” as its frosted surface is easier to see when covering, and also easier to mark. However, I was out of that kind today, so had to use the more difficult kind that’s completely clear & harder to see on the wrap. I also placed a bundle of scrap between the doll’s ankles at one point to make sure the wrap didn’t pinch the legs together too tightly. Once she was covered, I marked the lines for common pattern seams, then carefully cut on those lines. Next, I remove any loose layers of the wrap. The pieces are then placed onto paper & traced around, smoothing out the lines & adding seam allowances.

These pages are 8.5×14 inch (legal) size. Also, feel free to pop over to my “Free Stuff” page to find more free patterns, paper doll sets, and other coloring crafts! Enjoy & have fun on the way to Christmas!

American Model Basic Pattern A

American Model Basic Pattern B

American Model Basic Pattern C

American Model Basic Pattern D

American Model Basic Pattern E


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