Making Something “Good” “Better!”

Hello, hello, friends in Internet~Land. I’m not sure why my posts and videos always end up being finished way too late on a Sunday evening. I think it’s because my subconscious is trying to avoid the knowledge that the sooner I go to bed & go to sleep, the sooner I will have to wake up and go back to work. I just LOVE being home!

Oh, well, in any event, I have a new updated pattern & video for you. I was wandering through some of my facebook groups this week and came across an excellent idea for a waistband on the BJD SD Ninja Pants. I thought, “I just have to give this a try!” Low and behold, I love how it worked. Improvements are always a good thing. Soooo ~ I drafted up a pretty version of my brown paper pattern so I can post it here for you to try. Enjoy & happy sewing!

Pattern – BJD SD Waistbanded Ninja Pants

BJD SD Waistbanded Ninja Pants


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