Wigs, Wigs, & Wigs

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Howdy, all you there in Internet~Land! Well, this was a fun and productive weekend for me. It started by actually having an overtime-free Friday ~ a complete joy! I used it to prepare the last items for my Saturday Doll Show. I spent the day sewing the last of my wigs and then finishing up the rest of the ninja pants I had already cut. The show was great ~ good friends, good sales. Now I have some time to add to stock before the next show in January:


I hope to finish up all five doll cases, as well as get some more sewing done for the fellas. I was also able to finish editing the wig making video this weekend. The free pattern is already posted on the “Free Stuff” page and the “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & have a happy wig making week!


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